Most Played with Toy of the Week : Toy Story Figures

Most Played with Toy of the Week

How terrible am I?

I started this toy feature way back when I first started blogging, and how many weeks did I achieve? ONE! Yes just one terrible I know.

In all honesty though Parker has only recently really gotten into toys. I mean like really playing with them for what they are and not just throwing them around and making a bang and crash.

He is venturing into the world of role play and independent play and he’s really enjoying it.

So this weeks most Played with Toy of the week has been

Disney Toy Story Figures

Parker is absolutely loving these figures. His favourite one right now is Jessie.

These are relatively small figures I would say a couple of inches tall but they don’t have removable Parts so you do not need to worry about a choking hazard.

The only down side to these figures which Parker makes me aware of daily is that the hats are not removable much to his digust lol. Right now his obsession it’s putting hats on and off things.

The figures are sturdy yet marginally flexible of that makes sense. Basically they are not rock hard.

My Overall Views

I would rate these Disney figures 10/10.

I would say suitable from 2 plus as long as they don’t have a tendency to put things in mouths.


  • They are reasonably priced
  • Disney Branded
  • Well made
  • 6 in a pack
  • Durable
  • Colourful
  • Provide hours of fun.

What’s your child’s favourite toy right  now?




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