Buying The Right Car For Your Family

If you have just started a family (congratulations), or are expanding your brood, this usually comes with a few lifestyle changes. One is the family car. There are so many cars on the market and it can be overwhelming narrowing down the car your family needs. Before you had children there are many features you should have that wouldn’t have crossed your mind. We have gathered a few tips below to help get you started in your car buying journey.


We all want to keep our children safe, especially when it comes to driving in a car. Most modern cars have a great track record for safety. When looking at a car’s safety, check its Euro NCAP rating. Choose a car that is rated at a 5 or 4, this means that it has had and passed all the important safety checks such as a crash test.


Choose a brand that is known for being reliable. By doing this you will most likely save money in the future, as reliable cars tend to need less maintenance and repairs. You will also find that the more reputable the company is on reliability the cheaper your insurance can be.


Size is important when choosing your car. You might think as long as it’s got five doors and enough seats you will be fine. If you have this mentality, scrap it. There is so much more to the size of your car other than the amount of doors and seats. With children you are going to be transporting a lot of stuff around, whether it be the pushchair, shopping or family luggage you will need to ensure your boot can fit it all.

If you are expanding your family then consider buying a 7 seater over a 5 seater even if you only have three children. Having the extra seats will come in very handy when picking up new school friends, heading out on family outings with the grandparent, or even just being able to spread apart and have your own space on long road trips.


If you are planning on having family outings then you should definitely consider what functions your new car has to offer. Keeping children entertained can make a huge difference to your overall journey. Consider looking at cars with built-in screens on the back of your seats. On long journeys, you can stick a film on for your children to watch, this way you can have a peaceful drive and focus on the road ahead.


Buying a car can be expensive especially when you add all the requirements in. Assess your finances before even looking at potential cars. This way you can look at cars in your price range and not get disheartened if you fall in love with a car you can’t afford. If a solid cash sum is not enough to buy the car you need, think about putting it on finance. Whether it’s a BMW or Vauxhall Hire Purchase, many companies offer a great rate.

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