Storage Tips for a Beautiful Home

When your possessions are crowding you out of your own home, it’s time to take matters in hand and regain some control. Bringing serenity and beauty back to your home isn’t hard with a few nifty storage ideas.

Organising Wardrobes

Overflowing wardrobes can mean you end up with piles of clothes on chairs in the bedroom, shoes cluttering up the floor and a tangled muddle when you’re trying to put together an outfit in the mornings.

Take control of your wardrobe with these clever tips:• Add an extra rail, especially if most of your clothes are shorter, such as shirts or skirts. You can buy a rail kit, or just put one together yourself.• Use hanger extensions so each hanger holds more than one item of clothing. You can fashion your own with a drinks can ring pull. Just use the ring pull to hook two hangers together.• Put a plastic storage chest in the bottom of the closet. It’s handy for folded items, shoes, accessories or socks and smalls.• Fix a rail or a few hooks inside the door. Use the space for ties, scarves, beads, or belts. Or hang a strip of wire mesh to hold earring collections if yours are always either getting lost or getting muddled.

Corralling Toys

If you have small children, do you sometimes feel like you’re living in a sea of toys?

For favourite toys that don’t get used every day, consider replacing a conventional bed with a storage bed, either a divan with drawers or one with a lift-up mattress. An alternative is storage tubs or baskets hidden under a frame bed. Transparent tubs are great as you can see what’s in there without dragging everything out.

For toys that are in daily play, try installing low shelves that small children can reach in their bedrooms. You can have little coat pegs underneath them for hanging things, and use the shelves themselves for books, soft toys or games and action figures.

Baskets, boxes, or trolleys on wheels are super in living areas where small children want their toys. They make for fast tidy-ups and are easy enough for kids to reach by themselves. Having a handy box to just throw things in also makes it easier to encourage children to put things away. You could even make a game out of tidying up.

Creating Spacious Living Rooms

Storage matters more than ever in living rooms, where we tend to accumulate lots of little bits and pieces that we need to hand through the day. Things like remote controls for games and TV, chargers and cables can all end up lying around on surfaces.

Occasional tables with drawers or shelves, along with additional shelving in alcoves or high up on walls can all increase your storage and create more floor space and clearer surfaces.

Think about your furnishing style too. If you’re replacing existing furniture with storage furnishings, try and buy new items that have legs rather than standing flat on the floor. Lifting the body of the furniture up creates an illusion of space because you can see the floor beneath it.

Getting More from Self Storage

Maybe your problem can’t be easily solved by adding a few shelves and bringing in more practical furniture. 

In small living spaces, we very often simply need more possessions through the year than we have physical room for. 

Self storage can come to rescue with a concept that works on a seasonal basis. During summer, you keep all your winter things in your storage room, including clothes or sports kit, then swap them out for summer items during winter. Figuring out storage for out season sports kit at any time of year can free up a major amount of space at home.

It’s smart because it’s like a virtual home extension. You clear the house and garden of everything you won’t need for the coming months, so you have much more space to enjoy the things you do need.

With self storage units being handy in most towns, it’s easy to pop along and retrieve something if you change your mind about an item. There’s also the hidden benefit of things looking fresh again when you haven’t seen them for a few weeks or months.

Organising possessions with smart storage solutions really does bring beauty and calm back to areas of chaos. If you’re struggling to find space for everything, a couple of these tips will hopefully help you take back control.


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