Life After Lock Up

Has anyone dared to think what life will be like post lockdown, post COVID, post 2021.

I struggle to see what the new normal will look like for us. I think masks will be a thing for months and years to come- can’t say I mind though I’ve become quiet accustomed to it. Especially in this cold weather, I can see why some people like balaclavas now.

This could mean that the likes of online dating goes through the roof. After all seeing half of someone’s face is a bit of a catfish situation isn’t it lol. What could possibly be behind the mask, a bearded lady, a multitude of piercings or if your lucky the most kissable of lips.

Save your self time and money people. Sign up to some local dating sites that suit your needs and have virtual dates in the comfort of your own home.

I have a friend who is particularly fond of a certain type of person she dates and she is looking to move to the area where these people are in abundance lol, so I’ve recommended to here Gloucestershire Dating. Can you guess what type of profession she is into?

Let’s just say she likes them hands on and dirty hahaha.

Tips of the Trade

I think I mentioned many posts ago I used to work in an adult store that had a match making board that I ran and I’ve learned some things over my time.

So I passed on a few things for her to do while online dating

  • Have good lighting- they want to see the real you and I’m sure in return you want to see the real deal and not some mystery dater in the dark:
  • Don’t use filters-Filters are fab for a bit of fun but can be super misleading.
  • Keep it PG- you can spot someone who’s only in it for the nudes from the offset: I say if someone is asking for rude pics after a short time of chatting- they are not worth your time….. unless that floats your boat.
  • Never send money- unfortunately a lot of scammer seem looking for lonely people to prey on for money. Always politely decline. Unfortunately there are probably not interested in you just your money.
  • Never give out addresses- no one should be visiting your home right now depending on your tier but Least of all a stranger. Always meet in a public place.

I asked 3 single friends who are currently online dating what’s the best response to someone online dating asking for something inappropriate.

Melissa said “ I’m like a dog with a bone, I go hard and brutal with them and show them who’s boss. Word soon gets round the the serial daters not to mess with her”

Emily said “ I enjoy the chase and the laugh so I play along and send pictures of everyday objects that look rude on certain angles. Little to they know it’s my knee fold or elbow they are seeing”

Samantha said “ I report them to the administrators of the site. They could be off putting to more vulnerable users.

What would you do if someone asked you something inappropriate online?


T xxx