Requiring a Change

As soon as the Winter has come and gone and all of the festivities are over with, naturally, we begin to get a desire to change certain parts of our living space. Some call it the Spring clear out – a form of nesting for the warmer climate coming in.

We tend to have this whenever the seasonal air is starting to shift and it gives us a certain boost in the desire to implement some changes to our living, and we are not just discussing that diet and gym membership.

Parts of the home you have had an inkling to replace or change completely will draw a huge focus on you, so what kind of things will be playing on your mind right about now?

The Living Room

After cleaning up the living room you will no doubt feel that you want to replace one or two things that are driving you to irritation.

Most of the time that falls into either your carpet or real hardwood flooring, especially if there are sections that are sliding or just cut incorrectly. It can even be chipping or dented, or full of stubborn stains that just won’t wash out. 

A very reliable solution to aim for would be Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring. It’s a premium vinyl product but with that price tag comes the assurance that any stains, scratches or damage won’t ruin your flooring – unless it is an extreme case. Thanks to implemented safeguards within its design, luxury vinyl flooring adds a sense of ease to your home.

The Kitchen

Once that kitchen has been cleaned and the dishes put away, you are going to start thinking about the changes you want to implement.

Typically, it will circle the areas of space allocation. If your kitchen is too spacious you will probably be thinking of an island or breakfast bar. If it’s too cramped you will probably be thinking of replacing certain things like separate freezer units, dryers, combination fridges or washing machines that have combined uses. It’s safe to say that the kitchen is a prime room in the house that will be at the height of consideration.

During all that changeover it may be worth including luxury vinyl flooring into this room, as its highly durable quality means your floor won’t suffer damage when all these items are shifting around.

If planning on adding some warmth to the home through underfloor heating, you can pretty much have this in any room including the bathroom and bedroom for all-around cosiness. Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring also can play into the strengths of this being a natural partner for it.

If you are requiring a change for your home in 2022 to keep things fresh or completely liven up your home environment, luxury vinyl flooring is a cost-effective and stylish solution that offers satisfaction and guarantee of long lifespan.


T xx