5 Great Restaurants in Portland

Portland is famous for being a quirky and fun city that smiles on everyone who visits’ faces.  This coastal hotspot has a lot going for it, including proximity to the ocean and a large melting pot of cultures that combine into some of the country’s best food.  If you’re a seasoned local or new and looking at Portland houses for sale– here are five restaurants you have to try while you’re in Portland.


Type of food: Japanese cuisine.

General prices: moderately expensive.

Rating: five stars.

If you want some of the freshest sushi you’ll have in your life, paired with some of the most delicious flavors and seasonings- Nodoguro is the place to go.  Specializing in sushi, this restaurant brings all of Japan’s flavors to you and will give you some of the most authentic dishes you can find on this side of the Pacific.  

Farm Spirit

Type of food: vegan.

General prices: moderate.

Rating: just under five stars.

No Portland food guide’s complete without mentioning some of the top vegan restaurants in the city.  Portland is known for being ecologically minded and grounded in making dishes that will excite without hurting the Earth as much.  Farm Spirit offers a taste of the country and home cooking without any animal products.  Every meal is delicious, perfectly spiced, and affordable for most people.


Type of food: seafood.

General prices: moderately expensive.

Rating: just under five stars.

This restaurant takes advantage of its proximity to the sea, and the customers reap the rewards.  One of the more expensive restaurants on this list, Roe offers tasting menus that allow anyone to try various delicious dishes.  The restaurant runs on the idea of only eating the best and most perfect bite of every meal.  It’s an experience you won’t want to pass up.

Portland City Grill

Type of food: fusion food.

General prices: moderate.

Rating: five stars.

The Portland City Grill will inspire you from the very first bite you take until you leave.  Offering New American dishes “with an Asian twist” lets this restaurant shine by making foods anyone would want to try.  Both food purists, and the general public, swamp this restaurant until it’s nearly impossible to get a table.  

Don’t give up, though!  Once you get a bite of this food, you won’t want to stay away.

Le Pigeon

Type of food: French.

General prices: expensive.

Rating: five stars.

This French restaurant stands apart from the rest o this list in its pure attempt to create art with every meal.  A rotating menu keeps you interested and inspired by every dish, while the unique seating encourages you to talk and get to know the other restaurant patrons.  Although there’s less of a high-class environment than some of these other restaurants may have- the incredible food more than makes up for it.  

Portland is always working to create new things and inspire everyone to make delicious choices that will keep their lives exciting and fun!