Don’t Be Lonely This Christmas

This year has been so turbulent hasn’t it that I think most of us where looking for some reassurance Christmas would be more normal or should I say the new normal.

Living In A Nightmare

I can’t be the only one that thought something like this would never exist in our lifetime let alone something so massive that it effects the whole world.

During the whole global pandemic of Corona Virus I’ve spend my time worrying over the elderly, vulnerable and disabled. How will they survive this and come out the other side.

Now I feel like we have a grip on the processes and things we need to do to stay safe, my worry turns to my single friends. No one wants to be lonely at Christmas!

Dating in the Dark

It was bad enough to get singles friends out dating on cold winter nights when the frost is sharp and the nerves of meeting a new potential partner even sharper. Now, in 2020- we have no choice but to stay home, stay away from loved ones and definitely no human contact with anyone out side of our “bubbles”.

Time Is Precious

Some people may see the time indoors as wasted time, I have found it a time to slow right down and appreciate what I have. Who knew that the weekly shop would be the highlight of my week.

If I was single I would be taking the time to get chatting to as many potential suitors as possible to really get to know the true they before any meeting is even possible. Hey, no excuses need to be made to not meet any your not sure on for now is there, You can thank Boris for that haha.

My good friend from college moved away and she’s trying to date in Hertfordshire as she mentioned that she would rather date locals then anyone long distance due to family commitments and work, so a dating agency Hertfordshire would be best for her.I think for most people dating would be more successful if local. I mean I wouldn’t be willing to move from family and friends would you?

Give them the best of you

Most people don’t like bigging themselves up in job interviews never mind to a potential new love interest and often profiles fall short of vital information. Rushing could be the difference between finding Mr Right and Mr Right now. The internet is full of tips for profile Writing. You could even have fun with it and enter some details into a dating profile generator and leave the rest to them! Risky but fun.

Honesty is the Best Policy

I think that’s the thing, if people are more honest and open during online dating there would be much less heartache and bad feel around trying the online dating scene.

How many people lie about them, their lives, their past etc online. Thousands I bet. During this time where your four walls can protect you and your heart, get asking questions, video calling, exchanging pictures minus the filters( no rude ones mind hehe) take time to be honest to yourself and get the honest uncut version of someone else.

Most of all. Take time to enjoy it!

For when we are allowed to be released back into the wild here is a dating ditty I created a few years ago.


D- Don’t tell a stranger where you live, although most people will be on the site for the same reasons you can never believe 100% of people are.

A- Always have people know where you are and who you are meeting with. Please don’t rest on your laurels that it will never happen to you because sadly no one is immune from chance takers and creeps.

T- Time will tell if there is a spark there ( ladies you tuppence will twitch if you feel something, if you get my drift lol) Take its slow your not teenagers anymore who need to rush into bed or moving in with a new love interest.

I- Indicate what you want from the date or meet up- some people are very clear on the sites they just want sex.

N- Never put your self at risk ( please revert back to D.A.T.I)

G- Go for it – what have you got to lose tomorrow is promised for no one unfortunately. Grab the bull by the horns and ride it baby.

If you were to give a single friend one bit of online dating advice what would it be? Whether it be serious, fun, rude or light hearted I want to know!


T xxx

*** This is a collaboration post***