Keeping The Kids Entertained This Autumn Winter

Well isn’t this year one to really top them all. This autumn winter is going to be jolly fun stuck inside isn’t it. That being said we are trying to make the best of the situation.

Feeling Thankful

I am really grateful that the kids get to remain at school for the time being as my son really thrives on routine and school and there setting really contributes to this.

Home Time Fun Time

Doing school work from home wasn’t a fun time for us as I had a new born baby at the time and trying to home school P was a tough old ride.

Hoping we are over that we are trying to make home time fun time with games, movies and crafts and step away from teacher mummy mode lol.

Movie Madness Month

We love writing a list of movies on a chalk board that we hope to watch that month as a family and this month we are adding to the list the Ben10 movie.

With the launch of the #Ben10Movie which launched on the 10th of October on Cartoon Network one of our favourite family friendly channels to watch, we were lucky enough to receive some amazing Ben10 toys to review.

Happy Boy Happy Mum

Exciting delivery

When Parker opened the box he was so excited to see the new Ben 10 toys a imagination play is his most favourite thing to do alone or with friend.

He ripped straight into the Omnitrix Creator and was so giddy to find out what combinations of watch front and pipes he could make to activate his special power. Word of warning mums you will find these little pieces are drawn to the soles of your feet lol. He hides them all over the house and makes it his mission to find a set to activate his powers.

Fantastic Figure

We are really impressed with the collectable figures too! They are well made but totally moveable and make for great role play. I’ve found Ben10 under P’s pillow many a night, how do kids sleep like that?

Heatblast is the figure that Daddy always get to play so we often find him tucked away in Daddy’s corner of the sofa for safety.

I was impressed how the less sturdy wings where packaged separately as as not to break.

Have your family watched the New Ben10 Movie Yet? If so what are your thoughts?


T xxx