My Journey to Parenthood From the Start : Part one Weight Loss

Weight On My Shoulders

I have mentioned a few times in previous posts that conceiving Parker was not straight forward, In fact very far from it.

I’ve decided that each week I will post a piece of my Journey to becoming mum with fertility issues.

My Journey started 7 Years ago in 2010 when we decided we wanted to try for a family, after coming off the contraceptive pill for many years my periods never returned.

After waiting for over a year I was finally transferred to a fertility doctor at our local hospital.

After a few basic tests on my self which included many blood being taken and a sperm test on Drew the doctor wanted to rule out that is was not my weight that was causing me and issue. At the time I was weighing in at 15 stone.

The sent me away for a few months and I lost a few pounds here and there but nothing like the 3 stone I needed to lose in order for me to have certain tests and procedures to see what the issue was.

After a lengthy discussion with my doctor they agreed that what ever may be wrong with me may have the side effect that makes losing weight a lot harder than it would for a standard person. So they agreed to prescribe me a tablet that aids weightless while combined with a healthy balanced diet with low fat intake.

They really worked. For every one pound i was losing myself Orlistat was helping me lose another pound. So for what seemed like a goal that would only be achievable in years to come I actually achieved my target within 3 months.

Like I say these may not be for everyone as they do change your bowel habits slightly and if you fancy cheating your diet and having a big fat take away, my advice DONT. Its not worth it unless your not planning to leave the house the next day put it that way.

I owe this medication alot as if made the next part of my journey the true start of my chances of becoming a parent.

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming next week: Needles and Tests

Did you struggle with conception of your child or no somewho you did? If you did it can be a lonely journey and I would love to chat with anyone who needs a listening ear.



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