My Journey to Parenthood From the Start : Part Three Hormones

Getting The Balance Right

Following on from part 2 after having my internal ultrasound my gynaecologist decided that maybe I should try a low dose of a hormone called Clomid which helps the ovaries release eggs. There initial thought is that maybe after so many years on the pill and with period issue maybe a just needed a quick boost of hormones to help me on my way.

The Monthly

In order to take clomid I needed to have a period which is something I had not had for soooo long. They prescribed me with a tablet called northiserone which after taking for 7 days should induce a period.

I was dubious to if it would work as I thought I was like a desert. Dried up. Shock horror though it did work and 3 days after stopping the 7 days cycle Aunt Flo arrived.

Cycle Day 2

On cycle day 2 I was told to take clomid one 50mg tablet in the morning for the next 6 days. Then on cycle day 21 to have a blood test to reveal a Progesterone read which should state a number from 16 upwards which would indicate ovulation.

I started to feel hope, after all the norethiserone worked just as the consultant told me to, so why wouldn’t the clomid?

Day 21 came around so slow, but when it did arrive I went to the local path lab as soon as it opened as the suspense was too much to take.

They told me I could call up 2 days later for the results.

I called feeling optimistic that maybe I would have a good reading and my journey would be over just as quick as it started.

Low Blow

I was wrong to feel optimistic, my reading was a big fat ZERO. Devastated. I went away feeling like a poor excuse for a woman. My body was failing my and I was failing my partner.

What now?

Don’t forget if you havent already to read part one and part two to keep in the loop.

I promise part 3 will come around quicker, i’ve just been so ill with a tummy bug and now I have the flu and its taking all my energy.

In the mean time if you have any pregnancy or fertility questions or queries check out Pregged a site about pregnancy without the Taboos. How I wish this site was about 8 years ago when I had a million TTC questions running through my mind daily,