Transition to Potty Training: Oxo Tot 2 in 1 Go Potty

Lets go Potty- Product of the Week

This year is going to be such a big year for P. Hes now 2 and a half and the time when a lot of things are going to change in his little life, and i’m not quite sure if i am ready for it. Never mind him.

One of the changes for this year is going to be potty training. At some point throughout 2018 Parker will transition from nappy to potty/toilet.

This is a change I have dreaded, the security of the nappy being able to catch any toilet breaks at any time being taken away from us both is scary. Especially as public toilets are slim to none in our areas its a time you really notice it more.

So when Oxo Tot approached me to try there 2 in 1 go potty to make mine and P’s transition easier, I could not wait to try it.

Its a portable potty which you can place bag in to use on the go, so the fear of no toilet being around is no longer a fear for me and it doubles as a toddler toilet seat to go on the normal toilet- Fab invention.

This on the go potty has some great features just to name a few are:

Fold flat for easier storage and transportation

Can be used on the go as a potty or on the toilet for a toddler style seat

Comes with a waterproof bag to keep clean

Light weight

Grippers to hold a bag in place when used as a portable potty

Splatter shield to save you from little tinkles.

Although Parker is resistant to making the full potty training leap just yet, he is quite happy to sit on this seat on the toilet while he waits for his bath to run. I’d call that a win seen as we have 5 potty’s in our house and he is yet to do that of any of them.

In accompaniment with the Oxotot Potty rather than making full transition to toilet roll we have been loving the multi use of the Fofolino Muslin squares. These are supersoft versitile squares that we have been using for all sorts. While trialling out the potty they have been used as a modesty cover, for Parker to dry himself on after using a baby wipe and even as a bit of a comforter to hold while he’s been trying to use the toilet. These come highly recommended by us they are 100% double weave cotton, soft, elegant and simply charming.

Do you have any potty training tips and tricks I could use?