Adult Valentines Day Preparation 18+

Hey again! Just a quick note that if you at not 18 or over you may want to politely scoot along to another post as this one is a little more adult then usual. To be honest I think the majority of you are parents that will benefit from this read. So that being said let’s jump into it.

I have composed a guide of gifts/items to buy to prepare for Valentine’s Day and be sure to ensure you have a great night in wink wink.

As parents we sometimes put ourselves on the back burner and more likely we put our partners and husbands on the back burner because let’s be honest, Sometimes the idea of an extra hour sleep is more pleasing on the  brain then getting a cheeky fumble in lol.

So for Valentines Day let’s pull out all the stops and give the other half’s a night to remember.

Here are a few items I believe will make your night in memorable.

First are 3 items for pre Valentines preparation.

Soigné Nail Polish 

Get those fingers and toes valentines ready with a lick of paint. These colours are gorgeous and glide on a dream, super fast drying and highly Pigmented that I even got away with one coat when in a rush.

These would also make a super gift as they are High quality polishes and come beautifully packaged like no others I have seen with a lovely cushion insert to ensure your polish is protected.

Prevasore Lip Therapy

Everyone needs kissable lips for valentines right? If you suffer with dry and crusty lips like I do frequently In winter this is the thing for you. Super hydrating lip product that soaks into the skin and doesn’t just sit on top like a lot of regular lip balms. It also makes a good barrier against cold sores and I personally found it made a fab lipstick base too.

Black Is White Gum

Now I no a lot of people are on the teeth whitening bang wagon, but I don’t have the time nor the energy to sit with something in my mouth for 15 minutes a night without speaking. Do you? Well if not try this Black is white teeth whitening gum! Yeah you heard it. Whiten while you chew.

The charcoal naturally whitens your teeth while the lemon mint flavour gives you fresh breath too. It’s vegan friendly too.

This is a 10/10 for me for sure I noticed a difference instantly so this will be a stable in my handbag to use on the way to meetings.

Let’s get it on

So now we have the preparation underway let’s start thinking out the night.

Here are three last steps to complete your valentines night.

The game, the refreshments and the after party.

Why not play a cheeky game to get the evening going. Jizz off is a game to combine fun with the drinking of your favourite tipple. Basically a naughty willy shaped to is filled with your tipple of choice, mine was the delicious London Dry Gin from Dover 31. A smooth creamy gin with a fruity after punch. If your hubby doesn’t already have hairs on his chest he will now lol. Super tasty and makes me love Gin even more. I must just add this is the best packaged drink I have ever received in a gorgeous black gift box filled with padding I would be happy to receive this as a gift any time of the year.

So I digress after you fill with drink you spill the dials on the balls…. sounds so wrong. The left ball tells you how many times to “stroke” the willy and the right ball tells you where to aim it. I will leave the rest to your imagination but giggles are guaranteed with this game.

Lastly is on to the nitty gritty- the bedroom. Here are 3 items from in2mate

To get your lady garden ready lol.

An intimate wash, a natural moisturiser and a natural lubricant. All designed with natural ingredients to help rejuvenate and repair delicate skin. Maintaining the right ph is hard for a lot  ladies, me included and this has really helped. My favourite has to be the lubricant though. It is like liquid silk. Does not dry out and I would say would work well as a massage oil too.

If you where to choose one item to try from my guide what would you try?

Also what are your valentines plans I would love to hear!




Why not treat the wife to a massage

***This is a Collaboration post but all views are honest and my own***