Mummy Make Up Monday- 5 Items In 5 Minutes

As a mother who loves make up, I have had to sacrifice the time it takes me to get ready in a morning. Because there simply isn’t the time.

So I have nailed my morning everyday make up routine down to 5 products and 5 minutes to do it in.

Here are the products I am using this week for my 5 minute make over

The Products

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder 

Collection Illumination Touch Foundation 

Rimmel 3D Lash 

W7 Big Blush

Technic Eyeshaddow Treasury 

The Before

And here is how I applied them so quick and a yakky photo of my before…. excuse the hair. It does not get better in the after picture as I didn’t think to do it lol.

The Method

#1 I applied 2 pumps of foundation to my fingers and rub all over like moisturiser.

#2 Next I roll a big powder brush around in my stay matte powder and swoop all over my face to take off the shine

#3 I use a dark brown eye shaddow from the pallet with a primark eyebrow brush and darken my brows slightly for more definition

#4 Taking a blush brush I sweep it around all the pink shades in the pallet (4) and dust on my cheek bones for a bit of colour

#5 A lick of mascara on the lashes for good measure.

And bobs your uncle Fanny’s your Aunt I now look a bit more awake and presentable for the day.

The Result

In the mean while I have only been 5 minutes and there is only minimal destruction of 100 toys on the floor rather then the 1000 if I had done a full face.

How many products does your quick face contain?




Here is a post on how I got alot of make up for not alot of cash.

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