Mummy Make-over: How I got £60 worth of cosmetics for 56p

So if you haven’t noticed already by some of my posts I bloody love a good bargain and I love make up!

Recently I scored possibly my biggest beauty bargain yet.

I found out not so long ago by a facebook group called extreme bargains and couponing uk that you should always check right at the back of Boots stores for a reduce to clear rack.

Ive been checking every week mainly looking for reduced baby things weather it be food clothes etc. I’ve had the odd bargain but today i struck it lucky and for a change for me and not for Parker. If your not lucky enough to find things in the sale or clearance often another good way is coupon sites like

Make up has been a big part of my life since being 16 and doing beauty therapy at college, As part of the course you had to have a full face of make up on every day to look the part for clients and since then I have followed this everyday and do not leave the house without my face on.

Since having Parker I have had to make cut backs on luxuries such as £40 foundation and £22 lipstick, its not realistic to spend when you have a growing child who needs things constantly.

Today my luck changed, I could have what I wanted and it only cost me 56p thanks to a combination of reduced products, 3 for 2 and a voucher from Valued opinions.

Valued opinions is an app where you answer surveys to earn money that you can convert into vouchers and I earn £10 quite frequently so this time I chose a £10 boots voucher.

I went with the intention of buying a foundation and having to put money towards, but after checking the reduced shelf I found all of the below ranging from £1-£2. There was nothing wrong with anything it was purely because the manufacturer had made new packaging so this current one didn’t look right on the shelf with new packaging.

My total spend was £10.56 minus my £10 voucher I spend just 56p….. and this included a 5p Carrier bag!!! Jackpot.

Yes its not my usual foundation and yes I look paler than normal but over all i’m impressed.

I bought 2 bottles of the Maybelline super stay 24 hours as foundation is always the dearest part of a make up look and at £1.50 each I just couldn’t pass it up, The consistency is thicker than I am used to which means a more full coverage look which is nice but I am browner than I thought so I look pretty washed out in the shade in this pic but I will bronze it up in future.

The mascara is also Maybelline and I really like it- Its a comb effect brush which really parts the lashes to make them look longer.

Eyebrow Pencil by Barry M cosmetics is good- I dont really lean towards and brow pencils i find them all the same although I prefer a powder.

Concealer was lovely and creamy again maybelline- easy to blend and great coverage.

Last but not least pink lipstick from Barry M- Im trying to get more into wearing lippy so this is a nice pale shade to start introducing colour with.

What do you all think to my bargain look?

Have you checked out Boots bargain shelves before now?

Would love to hear your thoughts




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