The Only Way is Aldi…. Nappies

Top brands of Nappies have failed me.

Over the last nearly two years I can honestly say I have tried every Nappy brand available out there.

Firstly I went with the fail safe the brand everyone knows and talks about that I thought, yep got to be good. There expensive but there must be a reason behind it. Pampers! Well how wrong was I a they are basically over priced panty liners thin as anything and hold one pee and leak all poo explosions. Gutted as I bought boxes upon boxes of these nappies while pregnant.

Then I moved onto Huggies. Well let’s just touch on that briefly- because that’s all Parkers bum touched on them- breifly. Nappy rashing nightmare with these nappies. They had Medium obsorbtion but still not enough for a guzzle guts Parker.

You see where this is going right?

Brand after brand, problem after problem.

Until someone mentioned Aldi nappies, I did turn my nose up a little. Aldi? They do nappies? And there good?

So I ventured to Aldi addmittedly an Aldi virgin as I’ve always been an asda shopper.

Found the nappies £2.99!!! What a bargain.

Started using them that day and I’ve never looked back since. Amazing absorbtion, great array of sizes and they even hold in the largest of poop explosions- sorry someone had to say it! Parker even loves the animal designs and often pulls his trousers down to see them even when out oops.

Aldi you have change our Nappy changing experiences for life and I’m so greatful and not to mentions saved me a fortune which I now unguiltly spend in Costa haha.

Whats your favourite Nappy brand and why?



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