Toddler Bedroom Tour: Neutral Theme

When I was thinking of a theme to do my little boys bedroom I was totally stuck for ideas.

I wanted something that was timeless and could grow with Parker and not need changing as soon as he learned to say Thomas for example.

So I went with a neutral theme of grey yellow and white with a twist of elephants.

The love of elephants came after a friend of the family died and she loved elephants and every time I saw one since her passing I thought of her. So its a little nod to her and the fact that shes not forgotten and still thought about. Its bitter sweet though because she died during child birth which in the 21st century you wouldn’t expect that to happen but more on that another day.

So without further a do here’s and overview of Parker’s Room.

The First thing you see when you approach Parker’s room is his door sign which was a gift from an Auntie for Christmas from a local craft fair and this is where the Elephant theme begins.

When you open his door you are faced with this view. Some Ikea Malm drawers, here you will also see a running theme that I blooming love Ikea furniture. On top of these drawers is his Motorolla baby monitors which have been a saviour since birth, the first build a bear teddy that he got bought Captain America and a changing mat from when he was tiny and ate and pooped in the night. You will notice the drawer locks ive added to these drawers,since seeing the video footage of the drawers falling on the little boy after he climbed into them in petrified so take every precaution for no accidents to happen.

Moving to the left we have the Ikea cot which is an absolute bargain if i remember rightly it cos £39 yes just £39 and its so durable and the mattress that we purchased from Ikea additionally is super comfy.

The bedding on here is the same one we have had from birth and when he moves to a big boy bed I will be sad to see it go its from Ebay. Peeking out from in there the blue square you can see is a pillow from Butlins from our holiday in May and Parker Loves it.

Pretty self explanatory is and Ikea wardrobes, again cheap as chips at under £40 and do the job more than well.

Here’s where the chaos starts at the other side of the room when I describe as Parker’s en suite for when he decides he wants to pee in it and not on the floor and the toy corner where he plays while I shower and make myself look half human.

This side is a realistic view and not a side I have tidied up for pictures because quite frankly I couldn’t be arse as if I did it ten seconds later it would have been like this any way so I’ve saved myself the energy.

What’s is the theme in your children’s rooms? and at what age did you redecorate from them being a baby into a more grown up theme?



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