We Need More Space: Loft Conversion

Why we are shopping for blinds:

When we got our home 9 years ago it was more than enough space for me and my other half but as time has gone on and our family has grown we are fast running out of space.

For a lot of people the answer would be easy, move house. For me this isn’t an option. A house to me isn’t a home without my neighbours which are fantastic. The area which is super friendly and has an awesome school and lastly the amenities we have all around us.

So for me the answer is easy. Don’t move- extend your home instead.

That being said we are now in the process of drawing up plans for a loft conversion and the point I am at now is choosing some blinds for our sloping roof sky lights up there .

On my travels of the Internet I have come across a company that supplies Colour collection blinds designed by Scholten & Baijings And they are who I am leaning towards at the moment and they have some fab designs. I’ve narrowed them down to 3 designs. Please Help me choose which one to go with.

I love all three of these for a cosy yeah airey feel loft window. It’s going to be our room be all 3 of these will go with the intended decor.

If your considering some home decor changes and need some fab blinds this is the place you you.

*** This is a collaboration post***




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