Lets Talk: Stem Cell Collection at Birth

Lets Talk : Stem Cell Collection at Birth: Netmums

Stem Cell collection is something that has only recently been brought to my attention and I am curious to hear other people opinions.
Most of us never think about stem cell storage when pregnant, but a stem cell storage company believes it’s something we should be considering.

So what is Stem cell collection ?
Your baby’s umbilical cord is made up of tissue and contains blood. Both cord blood and cord tissue are rich sources of powerful stem cells. Cord blood stem cells are currently used in transplant medicine to regenerate healthy blood and immune systems.

Why would you want to collect stem cells?
If you have a history of illness in your family, or if you’re generally planning for your baby’s future, stem cell storage might be something that you want to consider.
Stem cells can be used for treatment of certain illnesses, because they’re special cells that can be turned into different types of blood cells.
They are helping many illnesses at the moment but many more will benefit in the future.

Is it painful for a baby to have stem cells collected?
No its fast and pretty much pain free.

What are your views on Stem Cell Collection?

Why not give this video a watch and let me know your thoughts.

Its a slightly controversial subject and I am not wanting to cause upset or offence to any one but would love to hear your thoughts for and againest.

Me making this post does not disclose if I am for or against I am purely open to both sides.

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