Guest Series: No Holes Barred Questions By Jess From Mrs Hible

I decided that I loved writing my “No Holes Barred” Post Labour Questions so much that I wanted to reach out to my fellow mummy blogger and read some of there guest responses.

With that I have launched my Guest Series Of No Holes Barred and next up on the blog to share there Experiences is Jess from Mrs Hible. Jess writes about everything from Babies, Family and food. Three of my fave past times.

Here’s Jess’s answers below, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. Don’t forget to check out Jess’s blog and social links- Go say hello and tell her I sent you!

Did your partner look down the business end while you gave birth? If he did do you remember his facial impression of what he saw?
My hubby didn’t look at all with our first or second baby. However with our third 6 months ago he actually did take a look when I was pushing and the baby was on his way out. He went a little pale and looked grossed out. 
Did you poop during labour?
No Ive not pooped in labour to my knowledge definitely didn’t with the 2nd or 3rd however the first was so much of a car crash I wouldn’t have known if I had or not. 
After giving birth did your sex drive improve or decrease?
It really improved I was desperate to get back to been intimate with the hubby a week after he was born but we had to wait for the stiches and everything to heal. Plus my husband went the complete other way and went off it. It was really weird!! 
Where you tempted to look at your bits in the mirror post labour to see what it looked like?
I did actually do this when our baby was a week old and totally wish I hadn’t as it looked like Edward scissor hands had been down there. It was so not how I wanted it to look and I was worried the hubby wouldn’t ever go down there again. 
Did you wait the recommended 6 weeks before part taking in sexual intercourse post birth?
We didn’t the third time around we had sex at 4 and a half to 5 weeks I couldn’t wait any longer as we hadn’t been having sex much during pregnancy as I was so big it became too much of a mission and also I just wanted to make sure it was all working again down below as I had a tear upwards towards my intimate areas. 
Do you find you take Less care of your self since becoming a parent?
Definitely running around after three children I don’t have time to fit myself in. I’m trying to be better at this but it’s so hard. 
Is your child a cock block? AKA do they interrupt your sex life?
Omg yes he will stay quite until the most important moment then decide to cry and need attention so we have to put it on hold till later and he has settled again. Or he will just stare at us through the cot bars like a peeping tom and completely put us both off. 
Did your first child make you think carefully about when the right time to have a second child is?
No not really he was a very nice chilled out baby leading us into a false sense of security that every child after would be the same. How wrong we were baby number 2 was completely the opposite and a really hard toddler and now 8 year old. 
Do you finish your children food if they leave it and it looks quiet tasty?
Of course waste not want not. It’s less calories right if it’s off the kids plate. 
Have your breasts changed post birth?
Yes they have definitely changed but I still like them. With all there little stretch marks and saggyness. 
Do you wee your self post birth?
No I did wee myself during pregnancy and thought my waters had broken 😂
Have you ever dropped your baby accidentally?
No Ive never dropped the baby although Ive banged them on the door frame felt awful but they were fine. 
How often do you pretend to be on the toilet longer then you need to be for 5 minutes peace?
At least once a day 
What is the first thing you choose to do if you get the rare opportunity to be child free and you don’t have to go to work that day?
Sleep lots and lots of sleep it’s so important. 
Whats you honest feelings on parenting?
I love been a parent completely but sometimes I really wish they would wipe there own bums and let me poop in piece 
What a great read, thank you for taking the time to fill this out for me Jess. I’m am totally going to start saying there no calories on the kids plate that’s great. As for the peeping Tom, I had one of them until he went in his own room at 4 months haha.
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