No Holes Barred: Questions People Want to Know But Would Never Ask : Post Birth

Just for Fun Post Birth Tag

Today is a wet, windy and horrible day and to be honest i’m damn right board while Parker sleeps and I watch catch ups of Big Brother. So I’ve made my own tag.

Questions people would love to ask you post birth but would never ask you, For fear of embarrassment on the answer you may give!

So I have composed a question and answer tag just for fun of some of the questions I have either encountered or wanted to ask people.

Below is a list of 10 people I have tagged please go check out there answers too.

Did your partner look down the business end while you gave birth? If he did do you remember his facial impression of what he saw?

Hell no Drew is so squeamish there is no blooming chance he would of looked no matter how many time I asked him to take a photo so I could look later on! Spoil sport!

Did you poop during labour?

No, this I am super shocked at I was convinced I would have, considering Labour came upon me all of a sudden and I had just eaten a mixed grill at Wetherspoons and I have a fast metabolism.

After giving birth did your sex drive improve or decrease?

Shock horror it improved. I would of thought I would of been too knackered to even think about it but it was totally the opposite. I think it was a case you want what you can’t have.

Where you tempted to look at your bits in the mirror post labour to see what it looked like?

Oh god yeah I was tempted, especially as I had stitches and wanted to see what they looked like. But did I look? Did I heck, I didn’t have the guts ( excuse the pun) incase there was my internal organs staring back at me.

Did you wait the recommended 6 weeks before part taking in sexual intercourse post birth?

Ermmmmm nope, sorry doctors.

Do you find you take Less care of your self since becoming a parent?

I always told myself I would try to be a yummy mummy, but do you know what some rough nights of teething and sickness cause for a mum bun and no make up kind of day.

Is your child a cock block? AKA do they interrupt your sex life?

No thankfully not. Parker has always loved sleep apart from when he’s ill or teething so we know our evenings are pretty much our own.

Did your first child make you think carefully about when the right time to have a second child is?

I always thought I would want 2 close together for bonding purposes. Now I have Parker and hes 2, I will wait until he goes to school as 2 children in nappies and pushchairs and sorting childcare for 2 when you go to work is not viable.

Do you finish your children food if they leave it and it looks quiet tasty?

I may have slipped and landed on the odd stray chicken nugget yes.

Have your breasts changed post birth?

Nope, still massive soft watermelons hanging on my front ( I didn’t BF)

Do you wee your self post birth?

Everyone who knows me know the answer to this is a big fat YES. I cough I wee, I sneeze I wee, I Laugh I wee. Its a running joke at work that if anyone smells an ammonia like smell it could be me! ( It never is though thanks to Always

Have you ever dropped your baby accidentally?

No I can honestly say I never have- even though i’m a massive butter fingers.

How often do you pretend to be on the toilet longer then you need to be for 5 minutes peace?

Hmmmmmm yes, I may have said I have a dicky belly a couple of times a week in the last 2 years- Thankfully my partner goes for it since having salmonellae 7 years ago gives me a back story.

What is the first thing you choose to do if you get the rare opportunity to be child free and you don’t have to go to work that day?

Climb back in to bed and watch my guilty obsessions on youtube and go snap chat crazy because I don’t have to share my phone with a sticky Finger toddler.

Whats you honest feelings on parenting?

I absolutely love it, its what I dream of for years, Parker was a fertility treatment baby if you want to read about that let me know. Dont get me wrong its bloody hard work but so worth it. Big up mummies and daddies.

Last but not least insert a picture of you with your favourite snap chat filter.

Hope this brought a bit of sunshine to this miserable monday.

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