Guest Series: No Holes Barred Questions By Kelly From Jelly With the Belly

I decided that I loved writing my “No Holes Barred” Post Labour Questions so much that I wanted to reach out to my fellow mummy blogger and read some of there guest responses.

With that I have launched my Guest Series Of No Holes Barred and next up on the blog to share there Experiences is Kelly  from Jelly with the Belly. Kelly writes about plus size ladies which I am a massive fan of that niche and life in general.

Here’s Kelly’s answers below, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. Don’t forget to check out Kellys blog and social links- Go say hello and tell her I sent you!

Did your partner look down the business end while you gave birth? If he did do you remember his facial impression of what he saw?
He did and honestly I was actually totally shocked.  I seriously had him pegged as a fainter and he did not look half as traumatised as I thought he would do.  I was convinced he would never look at me lustfully again after seeing my nuni with a doctor elbow deep but hey who knew how resilient men can be. 

Did you poop during labour?
No thankfully despite being convinced I would do.  To be fair I hadn’t eaten barely anything as I’d spent most of the day in slow labour pacing.  It then turned in to needing an emergency section so I think that might of also had something to do with.  After everything I felt I went through I was so grateful to avoid that final little indignity. 

After giving birth did your sex drive improve or decrease?
I think my want definitely increased, my ability or inclination totally decreased.  I loved the idea of having sex but actually doing it was a whole other ball game.

Where you tempted to look at your bits in the mirror post labour to see what it looked like?

No, never.  If I wanted to see what the floor of a butcher’s looked like I would pop to the local shop.

Did you wait the recommended 6 weeks before part taking in sexual intercourse post birth

I think yes with the first but no with the second.  Probably because my first was an emergency section and my second a VBAC (vagina birth after caesarean). 

Do you find you take Less care of your self since becoming a parent?

Yes naturally I did.  I totally envy yummy mummies.  It was a miracle some days if I managed to brush my hair but thankfully I through that stage now.

Is your child a cock block? AKA do they interrupt your sex life?

Mine is 11 now and still manages to cock block – I’m looking forward to the “locking themselves in their bedroom” teenage years.

Did your first child make you think carefully about when the right time to have a second child is?

It’s not something we really had much choice in as I have PCOS and we struggled to conceive so it wasn’t a case of the first child as such just that we knew we’d have to start trying relatively quickly because it would take us long.  It was more nature led than child led.

Do you finish your children food if they leave it and it looks quiet tasty?

I used to just blend up whatever we were having so it was pretty much always tasty and edible.  Nowadays he does not know what the term leftover is so that would most definitely be a no.

Have your breasts changed post birth?

They were big and vaguely resembled spaniel’s ears pre birth and post birth they have exactly that same aesthetic going on.  Tucked in my sock tops has been my reality since about 19.

Do you wee your self post birth?

Yes.  Tena lady is my friend.  Sneezing, laughing hard, coughing – all require a lot of clenching and praying.

Have you ever dropped your baby accidentally?

Dropped…no.  Accidentally allowed to take a little commando roll off the bed…absolutely.

How often do you pretend to be on the toilet longer then you need to be for 5 minutes peace?

I do that now just to avoid the dog.  I don’t remember doing it much, which clearly means I did.

What is the first thing you choose to do if you get the rare opportunity to be child free and you don’t have to go to work that day?

Just sit still, in the quiet and enjoy a nice cup of coffee without rushing.  Then I catch up with my TV shows.

Whats you honest feelings on parenting?

I really do believe parenting is the hardest job a person can ever do.  You will experience extreme highs and lows like you never thought imaginable.  After all is said and done there is a little person walking this Earth because of you.  

Kelly’s Fave Snapchat Filter

Oh my god Kelly I feel like you could be my soul sister! Your hillarious and I like to think I can be too and we have alot in common with regards to PCOS, Spaniel boobs and calling our bits a Nuni!

Thank you so much for featuring in my guest post and giving me such a giggle, hope you guys like it too.

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