Before My Name Was Mum:My Favourite Places to Visit In Europe

Before my name was Mum and not Trini anymore I loved nothing more then some holidays in Europe in the sun or cities with my friends.

I love the fact that Europe holds so many destinations that are not a million hours on a plane and they have alot on offer in terms of fun, sun, activities and of course my favourite thing- Food.

Here are my Top 3 Places to Visit in Europe and why.

#1 Ibiza- San Antonio Bay

I last visited Ibiza in 2013 for my friends Hen Do but this is the 5th visit there in total as I love it and here is why;

From where I am this is a short flight and short transfer- No one wants to spend too many hours travelling when you could be in the sun right?

They have great English food as well as Spanish so they cater for all tastes.

If you want a party holiday there is plenty of places for that but there are also more quiet secluded areas if you just want to relax.

Plenty of activities- from boat rides to water sport there is something for everyone.

Great for celebrity spotting- alot of celebs go here so you can always be on the look out for a cheeky snap. I have seen a celeb on every visit!

#2 Turkey – Marmaris

I visited Marmaris in 2010 and this was with 10 friends and my partner. Here’s why Turkey was my 2nd choice;

Friendly people always happy to help so you are never stuck.

Cheap holiday to go shopping and treat your self to souvenirs clothes or jewellery.

Great night life- Entertainment was fab they cater for the British taste so well with drag queens and cabarets.

Fabulous day trips from Zoos, Water parks and quad biking.

Lovely beaches- mainly sandy not stoney so lovely to walk on.

#3 Amsterdam

Last but by no means least is Amsterdam – Again a place I have visited multiple times;

I love the scenery and views they are second to none the age old buildings mixed with some modern architecture.

Travel options from England of air or ferry depending on the length of trip you want- I personally think the ferry makes part of the trip and enjoy that alot.

They offer great forms of transport whether it be foot, bike or taxi.

Amsterdam is famous for the being very open within the adult industry and this makes for some very interesting sites.

Shopping is also incredible here too.

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Where has been your favourite place to visit in Europe and Why?

I would love to hear to give me inspiration for either a weekend of Adult time or even better a great family vacation.

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