Mummy Make Over: Pantene Pro V Micellar

Pantene Pro V Micellar

I have been a member of Super Savvy me for years and I absolutely love it.

I’m a member of there Savvy Circle which means I get to try products for me, my family and friends in return for honest reviews and some feed back from my friends.

So I was excited to be chosen for the opportunity to try the New Pantene Micellar Shampoo, condition and in shower foam conditioner ( Yes I thought huh what was this too at first.

I’ve used lots of Micellar face products but not come across any hair products until now.

Even better that this is good for greasy hair as since becoming a mum my head is basically a walking oil slick.

Here what I think of the new shampoo.


Well what is there to love or hate, its a plastic bottle which hold all the info you need great stuff whoohoo top marks.


Pantene Pro V Micellar claims to be Nourishing and removing impurities without stripping the hair of natural oils does it do this? Heck yeah it does. I don’t think I have tried a conditioner before as good as the in shower foam. I leaves my hair Nourished but without added weight and no extra oil. Its Fantastic.


Gorgeous clean scent just what you want from a shampoo and conditioner.


Easy to use. Creates a great foam for the shampoo and silky smooth conditioner. Only thing I need to remember is I don’t need as much since I cut 8 inches off my hair lol.


Simples…. None

Overall Thoughts

This is my new favourite shampoo and conditioner. The innovation for the in shower conditioning foam is genius and just what a mum on the run needs.

Well done Pantene you have smashed it.

Have you tried Pantene Pro v Micellar Yet?

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