An Interview With My Two Year Old Son

Ive been tagged by Emily over at her blog to do the Interview with my Toddler Tag.

I thought this would be super funny and semi interesting as Parker’s word linking and speech is still under massive development due to his age but I know what he is saying 99% of the time and he is a funny character so I thought why not! I asked Parker these while he was devouring his fave Jam Sandwich- So here Goes:

What’s the best thing about being 2?

Mummy Daddy Parker awwwwww ( I think he means he loves his family at the age of 2 and this will change in 15 years when i’m telling him off haha)

What makes you laugh?

Andyyyyyyyyy hahahahaha ( Andy and his prehistoric adventures is his favourite thing to watch and he roams about pretending hes a dinosaur while roaring watching this, then laughs at himself for it)

Who do you love, and why?

Mummmmmmy Awwwwwww ( cuddles me) Sweeeee Sweeeees ( He clearly is saying here he will love me if I give him Sweeties!! Little tinker)

What’s your favourite book?

He brought me over an Usborne Wind up Bus Book as he loves that the pages pop out and build a track for the bus to run around.

What’s your favourite food?

Na Na yummmmmmm ( Banana)

What’s your favourite song?

Baby Shark from Ping Fong on Youtube He does all the actions its soooooo cute.

What’s your favourite outfit?

Spider Spider ( Spider man full blown dress up outfit much to my disapproval when we have to leave the house like that)

What’s your favourite TV programme?

Andy and the Prehistoric Adventures and Peppa Pig

What’s your favourite toy?

Back pack Back Pack ( Chase from Paw patrol back pack)

What’s your favourite thing to do?

Splish Splash ( Swimming lessons he has attended a structured swim class since he was 6 weeks old)

Thanks Emily for the Tag I have really enjoyed doing this and it will be great to look back on- I now tag Jess, Rebecca and Jessica   to join in to, I love forward to your answers.




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