Mum Time: What happens when the clock strikes 7

Mum Time Fun Time

What do you do in your house when the kids go to bed? Well here’s what happens when the clock strikes 7pm in my house and it’s mum Time.

Evening Routine after 7pm

When Parker is happily tucked up in bed dreaming away I love nothing more then catching up on trash tv while scrolling the internet.

I start off with facebook, insta and Twitter. Then maybe move on to some online shopping sites and Perues the sale sections and special offers but the night usually ends with my playing some sort of game.

A lot of the time it will be something risk free and easy like candy crush but occasionally I dabble in the online Bingos, scratches and slots.

I used to love attending the club but after children it’s less and less likely I find the time to go unless is a special occasion, so I find playing at home equally as enjoyable now.

At first I was unsure of how it worked with depositing money into the accounts then withdrawing if I had a win but rather then doing bank transfers I found accounts that are like e-wallets a lot faster and more effective not to mention safer because bank details didn’t have to be entered on every site you wanted to use.

What do you do to relax when the kids go to bed? What’s your go to site to explore?




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