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Base Line Test from Forth with Life

When I had the opportunity to have a home blood sample test to check various elements of my health from Forth With Life I jumped that at the chance. Since becoming a mum living a long and healthy life has never been so important to me as it is now.

With Forth with Life Each Baseline finger prick blood test kit checks 16 key biomarkers that play a vital role in maintaining good overall health. These include markers that provide insight into liver health, energy levels and body fat.


Super simple ordering enables you to choose the type of test you want from a choice of:

  • Baseline
  • Improving Health And Fitness
  • Performance Levels
  • Ultimate

I chose baseline as it testament thinks like blood, kidney, liver and metabolic levels. These are possibly things most people would not show concern over but I know from problems in my past I didn’t have great Liver function and always worry about my metabolism.


Super fast delivery I recieved my test the next working day.


Simple yet super effect packaging. A small box which contains everything you need to complete the test. All Barr maybe a paper towel which would be useful for little droplets of blood that can make mess along the way but I ended up wiping on the tissue paper that was in the box for decoration purposes.

Carrying out the Test

I was quite nervous about having to prick my self to get the blood out my finger. The anticipation is often worse than the prick I find. After seeing the tool that makes the prick it made It much less stressful. The point is concealed and you just push on the finger and the small quick prick happens quicker than you can say Bob’s your uncle.

The kit contains stirile wipes and even a plaster for after which is super thoughtful.

One piece of criticism I do have was collecting the blood into the vial was quite difficult. I think maybe a small pipett would of made the process slightly quicker and less messy.

I did take a picture of the prick and my finger to insert here but I know a lot of people are squimish and I didn’t want to put anyone off.

Returning your Test

After collecting your blood sample in the tiny vial you just have to fill in a quick form and sticker to attach to the bottle pop it back in the pre paid yellow pathology bag and off it goes to bed tested the following working day in the lab.

The Results

Just over 24 hours laters the results were available to view on mu Forth with Life dashboard. They notified my my results were available to view by email. After logging on and going into my account my results where clearly visible and easy to find. I won’t tell you all my nitty gritty results but here is an example of one part of the test I do not mind sharing to give you and idea of how they appear.

As you can see the results are done in percentage form and then you can click into each section for a breakdown of even more stats. Really Clever I’m really impressed.


Would I recommend this to other people to try at home. Yeah without a doubt. I feel like I’ve had a private health care check with out having to leave my home. It give some me an insight into what I need to improve or maintain to live a happy healthy life.

Do you want to try Forth With Life?

Check out there website here to find out the services they offer.

What would you like to find out about yourself from a home blood sample?




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