Time for Mum: Napio Back Massager Pillow

What could all us hard working mums (and dads) do with after a hectic Christmas schedule of present buying, wrapping, partying and having to rearrange to whole house to find home for the amount of toys that belong in a toy shop.

A Spa Day

Sadly unless you have a nanny, a grown up child or a husband that doesn’t work all the hours under the sun the chances of getting that are super slim- boohoo.

I could really do with a Spa day right now too as I think I have slept funny and got a creek in my neck.

So when Napio reached out to me again ( Previously reviewed another item here) I jumped at the chance as the scarf like neck and shoulder massaged was a massive hit with me.

Pillow Talk

The massager this time is in a cushion style which I liked the idea of. Although after unpacking it I quickly changed my mind its a super hard pillow so it is not quite multi-functional like I was hoping.

You wouldn’t be able to use this without the massage feature as its too hard.

Motion in the Ocean

The idea of the button being hidden in the corner of the cushion is a great idea, no wires or fuss.

Its just such a shame that the engineering of the pillow isn’t as amazing as I was expecting from Napio but this is purely my opinion.

I would prefer a speed variation option and the balls to be higher up in the cushion they sat a bit low for my confort but maybe someone of taller stature would be suited to this.

On the flip side I love the infra red heating on the cushion it felt more intense and concentrated then the scarf type massager.

Sitting on the Fence

I really am sitting on the fence on this one but why don’t you be the judge for yourself and let me know what you think.

You can order yours here. While you at it grab yourself a nice 25% promo code discount with the code SARH5VZQ.

I would love to hear your thoughts