Fussy Toddler: What My Toddler Eats in Day

Am I Alone

Parker is nearly 2 and a half and since he has been able to say Yes/ No and clinch his mouth shut his eating habits have drove me to despair some days even resorting in tears.

I feel like a bit of a failure when he doesn't eat the fresh home cooked meals I make for him.

Since becoming a toddler he is super fussy and I feel a lot of the time he is not getting the nutrients and vitamins he needs, but after a chat with the health visitor I have calmed.

She has assured me he is growing and happy and healthy and that all that matters and If he doesn't eat everything I offer him its not the end of the world.

I thought I would document what I offer him in a day compared to what he actually ate of each plate.

I hope this helps some people with meal ideas and also some reassurance they are not alone if they also have a fussy toddler like me.


Today I moved away from the typical cereal breakfast to try something new- A favourite from when I was a child.

Eggy bread with a side of sliced bananas and raisins.

Result- Licked the Eggy bread ( wasn't a fan obviously) ate all the banana and rasins


Dairylea Triangle with Mini bread sticks to dip, strawberry petiflous and a barny bear Milk cake.

Result- Majority Eaten- Just half of the cheese triangle left. Ill take that as a win


Homemade chicken Korma, Pilau rice with a side of onion baji, Pakora, Samosa and naan.

I knew he obviously wasnt going to eat it all but I was at least hoping he would try something.

Result- Didn't touch a thing not even a single grain of rice- Massive fail.

What does/did your toddler eat like when they were Parkers age? Will he grow out of it?



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