Weekend Ideas To Keep Your Little Ones Occupied

After the craziness that was the Christmas holidays; you’ll be getting everyone back into a routine, and trying to ensure that your weekends with your family are still plenty of fun. January can be challenging for parents; cold and wet weather doesn’t make it easy to get your toddlers and kids to the park to burn off their excess energy, and everyone’s mood can get a little bit low. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to begin putting some plans in place for your weekends together so that the whole family have something to look forward to and get excited about. January doesn’t have to be a dull and quiet month; the more you do, the more memories you’ll make, and the bad weather won’t make a difference.
Keep thinking about springtime when the sun might begin to show up again, and, until then, focus on the activities you can enjoy with the little ones in the family. Wearing your kids out on Saturday and Sunday is the best way for them to stay in their routine regarding going into their bedroom for bedtime, and their sleep patterns shouldn’t be interrupted by a sudden burst of energy before it’s time for lights out. The following are some ideas to keep your favourite little people occupied over an otherwise quiet January weekend so that they are physically and mentally tired enough to go to bed without a fuss, and you can enjoy the cold weather a bit more than previous years.

Day Trips

A day out for everyone is always something to look forward to, and there are often deals to be had at this time of year due to weather conditions and places being a less popular option for some families. Therefore, work out whether it’s the sort of day to visit a children’s farm or if you’d prefer a soft play barn so that you can sip a coffee while your partner takes over the duties. Days out don’t have to be expensive; look for special offers on entry prices or ticket coupons in your local papers. You can also pack a picnic, and you’ll ensure that even the fussiest of eaters have something they’ll enjoy after meeting all the animals or going down a slide several times.


If you still have boxes and scraps of packaging left after Christmas; it’s time to gather them together with some sellotape and PVA glue so that you can spend some quality time making and building things with your little ones. You can check out online tutorials and ideas, and make a cardboardcastle or a fort so that there is something for your kids to play inside after they’ve been crafting. You’ll have used up plenty of they mental energy through imagination and creation; then they can tire themselves out further by running around and protecting whatever it is they’ve built. If you’re feeling brave; get the old sheets out and allow them to paint their creation for added character and design. Your little ones will love having any sort of focus and a switch up in their activities, so switch off Paw Patrol for a little bit and get your thinking caps on for a brighter January (and the rest of winter) ahead.

Safety First

While our enjoying one of our many winter walked in the local National Trust Gardens we came across a lovely little girl wearing a Tshirt saying please don’t feed me. I thought it was quite novel and did a little laugh thinking the tshirt was a joke. After getting closer and Parker talking to her and I spoke to her mum it turns Out the little girl is super allergic to a lot of day to day things.

As you got closer the Tshirt was showing all her allergies and what could happen if a stranger gave her food. What a fab idea and saves you telling people Over and over.

You can get your own DTG printing here, whether it be for a business, a party or even a safety item for a child they can cater for all needs.