Keeping Your Kid’s Bedroom as Presentable as Possible

Almost anyone with kids is familiar with the excitement of setting up a special space in the home for them. Some people even have a full nursery ready and waiting before the baby is even born. We spend hours looking at catalogues and Pinterest boards, gathering ideas for our kids spaces and wondering how they will change as they grow. Now the designated room may look pristine and presentable before your little one arrives. It may remain that way while they’re still small and spend most of their time in your arms or wherever you lie them down to rest. But as soon as your little one grows into a toddler and is running riot, you can guarantee that things will quickly become a mess. Now, it is fairly unrealistic to aim to keep things spotless at all times. But there are a few tricks that you can employ to keep things relatively calm, safe, and looking nice. Here are just a few for you to consider.

Colour Scheme

Now, kids really benefit from having lots of stimulation around them. This includes being exposed to plenty of bright and bold colours. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should reach for the paint brush and start painting all of the nursery walls primary colours. In fact, this could actually serve to create a chaotic atmosphere where your little one will struggle to relax and which will generally cause an eyesore in your home. Instead, keep things calm and neutral. Opt for cream walls, or perhaps consider pastel colours such as baby blue, pastel pink, or buttercream yellow. You can then always add a splash of colour with accessories and toys. Mobiles, lampshades, rugs, and blankets can all be used to brighten up the space.


Not every child has a room of their own. Sometimes another little bundle of joy comes along sooner than you were expecting and you’re left with no time to move house into a bigger property. That or you’re well settled in your current home and don’t intend to move at all. However, when children share rooms things can quickly get crowded and create a claustrophobic atmosphere. The main problem? Beds. Two beds will take up a large amount of space, no matter how big the given room they’re in may be. But there is a solution. You can always invest in bunk beds. This way, the beds take up more vertical space, freeing up floor space for fun and games.

Toy Storage

The main source of clutter in kids rooms tends to be toys. We’re all familiar with scenes at the end of the day where your children’s bedrooms become landscapes littered with colouring books, crayons, paints, Lego bricks, teddies, dolls, jigsaw pieces, toy cars, and train sets. Now, not only does this make the living space look a mess, but stray toys scattered about the floor can also prove a safety hazard. So, avoid slips, trips, and falls by investing in some effective toy storage solutions. There are plenty out there. We’re no longer confined to the limits of a traditional toy chest or toy box (though these have their merits and can come in pretty handy too). Consider things like under bed storage. Unlike adult under bed storage (where the base of the mattress lifts up to reveal an empty divan base), kids under bed storage solutions have easier access. They generally consist of drawers on wheels which can roll out. Alternatively, you can simply slide storage boxes under. It’s as simple as that! If you want to keep things out in the open space of the room, wicker baskets should do the job. A cheap and environmentally friendly solution is canvas drawstring bags.


The majority of kids love to read or be read to, and this is something that you should encourage. After all, reading stimulates their imagination and might even spur their creativity and see them start writing some stories, poems, and journal entries of their own. It also helps to boost their vocabulary and improve their communication skills. But you’re going to need a bookshelf to keep all of these books organised and in good condition (that is until the little ones get a hold of pens and start scribbling and drawing over the pages at least). Avoid getting a standard bookshelf for your children. The shelves will be too high, and they may be tempted to climb in order to reach works at the top. This could be dangerous. Instead, buy shelves that are specially designed for little ones. They will be able to reach whatever work they want easily.

Clothes Storage

From the moment they’re born, children manage to amass a whole array of different types of clothing. From baby grows to novelty outfits, tiny tees, mini jeans, dresses, skirts, princess dresses, shirts, and coats. That’s before we get onto tiny socks, shoes, hats, gloves, and other accessories. So where should you keep all of these? You don’t want them filling up your own wardrobe. After all, you have your own clothes to store. But at the same time, keeping them in boxes will mean that you’ll end up rummaging through piles of unwanted items before getting your hands on what it is that you want.

This results in having to fold everything back neatly too. Instead, save yourself time and invest in a small wardrobe for your kid’s clothes from the moment they’re born. Miniature hangers are available to hang everything neatly, and you can get slot-in storage compartments with drawers and hooks.


We often focus so much on simply tidying kids’ spaces and clearing their rooms of mess and junk that we often forget to give them a thorough clean as frequently as we should. This space needs a vacuum run around it, dusting, and polishing, just as every other room in your house does. In fact, sometimes it’ll need an extra bit of TLC and a whole load more elbow grease. Think of all of the spills that can occur. Paint, glitter, and glue can all potentially wreck carpets if left in the pile for too long.

So take the time around once a month to hire a specialist carpet cleaning machine to give flooring a thorough, deep cleanse. Another commonplace mess made in kids rooms is crayons or felt tip pens on the walls. Whether your child has slipped and got a small line in a corner, or has released their inner Jackson Pollock and scrawled over an entire wall, don’t fret. You no longer have to completely clear the room and give the walls a lick of fresh paint. If you were especially prepared and used child-friendly, wipe down paint, you might be able to get the crayon and pen off with a quick wipe of a cloth.

However, if you used standard paint, try to get hold of specialist magic erasers or wipes. These will make the removal job a whole lot easier. A third and final common spill that’s difficult to get up from kids bedroom floors is red juices. Make it a rule of thumb in your home that nobody eats or drinks outside of the kitchen which should have a tiled floor. This will make any spills simple to mop up. It really is as simple as that!

While kid’s rooms are always bound to have a little mess, you can take just a few simple steps to make them presentable. Just use storage to your advantage, make the most room of your space, incorporate calming and neutral colours, and lay down some ground rules in regards to food and drink!

Hope this helps you not lose control when your kids lose control of there rooms lol.




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