My Journey to Parenthood From the Start : Part 2 Needles and Tests

Needles and Tests

Following on from part 1 after I got down to not quite a target weight but there about’s and it was apparent that my periods were still not returning it was time for the doctors to listen to me. I knew my body and I wanted to take action and tests to begin.

They agreed to give me various tests now that I was classed as a healthier BMI.

Take a look inside

The first test being an internal ultra sound to clarify the condition of me internally and if anything untoward shows up.

Initially it was planned to do an exterior ultra sound very much like the one they do when you are pregnant but upon filling my bladder with litres and litres of fluid, due to my chunky tummy the sonographer couldn’t see what she needed to see.


So inside they went. I was super nervous as the item they inserted looked like ah hem excuse my french….. a bloody sweeping brush handle! It didn’t bare thinking about how they would do it.

A spectrum is used to make the opening more accessible (opening is the politest think I can think of at 10pm on a Friday night after a bottle of prosecco). Then on goes the lubrication which feels like the thickest, cheapest petroleum jelly on the market, but bugger me it did the trick. With little to know pain before I knew it she was in and we were looking at what she told me were my ovaries. To me it looked like what the TV looked like if you woke up too early in the morning and nothing had started airing yet…. fuzzy.

After a few prods and presses and some gentle persuasion from me she said she is not qualified to give me the results until being looked over by a senior doctor but she could tell me that it didn’t look typical of someone that had something called polycystic ovaries which was predominantly what she was looking for.

The nurse did say that I had quite alot of very small cysts on my ovaries but nothing compared to some she has seen.

I took my seat back out into the waiting area and waited for the doctor to call me through.

When she did, she told me the same as the nurse had told me that I did not have typical polysistic ovaries but possibly a very mild case….

So what was the next step?

Come back next week and find out.




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