My Mummy Winter Wardrobe: Coats

The weather outside is frightful

Is it just me or do us parents always put ourselves last?

Even if that means us freezing our shudda kudda wudda’s off in the freezing cold because we would rather we spent our money on our kids!

Yeah me too.

Well this week that changed and after having blue lips( nearly said Nips) and numbs hands for one week too long, I endeavoured to buy myself a new coat.

That being said I need help from you to decide.

I’ve narrowed it down to 2 coats for you  from Esprit and a few reasons why I might choose them-

In a trendy maxi length, this fitted, quilted coat with premium down and feather filling is wonderfully warm for the winter.

I love that this is

  • Super long
  • Dark navy so you cannot see the childs muck from wellies and boogies all over it
  • Fur like trim on the hood
  • Padded that reminds me of an oldish style puffa I used to have
  • Belt to nip in my once there waist
  • Pockets to hide snotty tissues, dummies and snacks for melt downs.

Find this coat here.

Or the second choice is this-

                           Soft and sophisticated: melange jacket in snug blended wool with a hood and lush faux fur trim

  • Looks lighter weight so when my child runs down the road I wont lose 2 stone of sweat chasing him
  • Nice pale in colour and will match my bathoom tiles lol
  • Same fur type hood which I love and have leaned towards on coats for years
  • Slightly flared
  • Soft Wool blend

This coat can be found here

Choices choices ladies.

Which would you pick with a messy toddler and an issue with always being too hot?



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