Toasty Toddlers: The Kit to Keep Kids Warm in Winter

We’re well into the cold season right now, and as the temperature and climate continue to drop, it’s vital that we are all making sure our kids are warm and safe. Little children don’t have the same level of self-regulation that older kids and adults have, and simply don’t notice the cold as much. However, they are also a lot more prone to suffering from the ill effects of the damp, windy and freezing climate, so all parents need to be wary.

So, the big question for today is, what kind of kit do you need to keep the little ones nice and toasty during winter? Read on to find out some awesome kids gear tips that will protect your babies, toddlers, and children until the spring starts to break.

Layer up

First and foremost, get those layers on! As cold as your little ones can be when outside, don’t forget that temperatures indoors are usually quite hot. Using layers traps more warmth to protect against the cold, and once they are inside, they can strip off and avoid overheating issues – which are more common than you might think.

Don’t forget the tootsies…

All sensible parents will make sure their kids are nice and warm before letting them outside,. But don’t forget about their bottom half – particularly their toes and feet. Some pushchair footmuffs might be a good idea for buggy-bound babies. And a thick pair of winter socks – try some wool ski socks – will make sure that your little one’s feet have plenty of warmth and protection. Bear in mind that any sock that doesn’t at least go up to the knee is going to be useless for toddlers, as their clothes often ride up.

…and the pinkies

Every parent goes through a heck of a job trying to keep gloves on their children – it’s all part of the parenting process. The chances are that you have lost count of the gloves your babies and toddlers have lost over the years, but nonetheless, you still need to protect their hands and fingers from the biting cold. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, here, either – the old school method of sewing the gloves onto a long piece of strong elastic is still the best way to avoid losing mittens.


You won’t keep your little ones from getting wet during winter – it’s just a case of managing the impact of the damp. Waterproof gear is an absolute must, and will ensure your kids keep warm and dry, no matter what they are getting up to. It’s definitely a considerable investment, but well worth going for quality over a cheap imitation. Go for a size a little bigger than your children dress, and you should get a couple of years out of it.


A quick word on coats before we wrap up – just because a puffa jacket looks warm, it doesn’t mean it actually is. Make sure that your children’s coats specifically have insulation as a feature, which helps keep down bulk and keeps them nice and toasty. The jackets should also be waterproof, of course, and it’s a good idea to get one with reflective panels so that drivers can spot your kids in the dark afternoons.




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