New Year New Car? My thoughts on Electric Cars

Will I make the switch to Electric?

With the new year looming around the corner, there is a lot of things I need to make changes of. My Health, My diet, my home, my lifestyle and also my car.

I had never really thought much about switching to an electric car but recently in hotels, shopping centres and even hospitals I have come across alot of NewMotion chargepoint and this got me thinking that if these ports are now so accessible and popping up everywhere ( not like when electric cars first came about and you saw them only in 5 star hotels) maybe I need to weigh up the pros and cons of Making the switch.

Reasons for an Electric Car

After some extensive research into a possible new large purchase of an electric car here is what I feel  to be the things that would make me lean towards going electric-

  • Lower emissions- Who doesn’t want to make our planet a healthier place, this for one should be a primary reason to switch. We inhale enough crap daily that we cannot avoid so this one we can!
  • Better fuel economy- I begrudge filling up with fuel at the best of times so if I can make what I have last longer, well winner winner chicken dinner for me.
  • Longer Battery life- Personally I have suffered a flat battery what seems to be a million times in my 13 years of driving so if I can maximise embarrassment of needing a jump when my battery dies from my 90 year old neighbour, ill be happy and so will his health lol.


Reasons to keep a standard Fuel Car

The only one single reason I can find to keep a standard car over an electric car is the fact that the car is cheaper.

In the long run my few thousand pound fuel car is possibly going to cost me the price of 3 electric cars to keep repairing in the long run.

So I see this as a speculate to accumulate sort of scenario. Spend now save later.

I can categorically say I WILL be making the switch to electric in 2018.

Who’s joining me in the switch? If not why?




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