What Parker Wears: Dribble Bubbs Review

Toddler Style

Is it just me or are kids now growing up far too quick? Where has the time gone were young kids can wear sleep suits all day and not be looked at as being scruffy? Or wear character funky clothing?

I love nothing more than to see a child comfortable and colourful. So when I came across the company Dribble Bubbs and there funky yet practical items, i jumped at the chance to review them.

What Parker Wears

I chose some age appropriate items to review for Parker. He’s currently just over 2 years old and for me comfort it key.

So that being said I Immediately fell in love with the Dribble Bubbs snuggle suits

These are so versitile I’m super impressed, even more so is Parker. These suits are made of super comfortable yet durable fabric. They have an easy glide zip which really does as it says on the tin. So much so that Parker can do it himself with minimal help. The design is fantastic and stands out far More then any lounge suit/ bed wear I have ever come across for the fab price, but what has to be my favourite feature is the cow hide patches. At first glance you may think they are purely cosmetic but there not! They serve a great purpose of knee protection on the front and waterproof and absortant on the tush! Helping out with any little accidents when potty training. Genius!

Also for kids that may not like to wear slippers or get cold feet during the night there is inbuilt non slip grippy feet.

There is nothing that I cannot rave about with this suit. I washes and wears great and it’s even on my wish list for family to buy more of for Parker this Christmas.

If you would like to win a snuggle suit for your little one keep reading to the end.

Preparing for the Next Adventure

Coming Up in the very near future is the super daunting task of potty training.

I am not going to lie that that has been a fear of mine for some time. Parker has always been the type of child that as soon as the Nappy is off, he’s peeing on the carpet consistently.

For when the time has come to get the ball rolling and face my fears we have got some great accessories to help us from Dribble Bubbs.

Potty Training Pants

These potty training pants are a similar concept to the snuggle suit, with a reinforced absorbing section build in. Without being rude they remind me of the disposable pants you can buy for after labour. They definitely will hold a few potty training dribbles which will save embarrassment and uncomfortableness when out and about. What more they are super fun colours and sport my favourite feature- the cow hide patch.

To work along side the potty training pants I also received something to help us with the bed time training.

People have already made me aware that night time dryness takes a lot longer then daytime and the prospect of changing many a wet bed in the middle of the night does not thrill me. With these bed pro’s the chances of me having to do that are slim.

A Quick fitting flat protector with elasticated fixing straps make will make this bed pro part of the bed making task no longer than normal.

Again like the rest of the item so super absorbent to soak up little accidents, and a waterproof layer to protect other bedding. Do  you know what else is has? You may have guessed! My favourite feature the cow hide lol. I never knew how partial I was to it until now lol. I love it.

How would you like to win a snuggle suit in time for winter for your little one?

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Trini & Parker


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