Most Played With Toy of the Week: Random Figures and Cars

Beep Beep

Here we are again for Parkers most played with toy of the week.

This week he has enjoyed playing alot of role play and found him for hours on end making figures play with each other and crash smash into one another.

We have loads of random toys and figures which have been given as gifts over the last couple of years but im super impressed with Happy land Figures in particular.


These are from early learning but are now stocked far and wide and my ones I purchased from Amazon because who doesn’t love prime?

These perfect palm sized companions are suited to toddlers because they

Are perfect size for children of all ages and motor skills to hold

Made of strong durable plastic which can be washed after being in tiny mouths

Encouraged interaction

Bright colours to keep attention

Huges varieties of choice so can add to childrens collections for along time

We may have even encountered a cheeky bath with our figures before not that thats encouraged.

Once again these toys get 10/10 from us.

What’s been a firm favourite in your house this week?


Trini & Parker


As always guys here’s my last toy post.