My Top 10 Goals For 2018

I have seen quite a lot of people make goal lists and I have really enjoyed reading them. As well as that I think if I make a list of my goals for 2018 I believe it will help me achieve them as I’m slightly accountable for them as I’ve said them “out loud” so here goes here is what I’m going to try to do in 2018.

Top 10

  1. Try to become a tidier person– I am soooo messy but I do all the tidying up so that should be okay right! Wrong! I moan when I’m tidying up my own mess. So if I just tidy as I go there will be no mass tidying so no money Mummy! I really hope I can do this.
  2. I hope to be a more patient parent-I am generally a patient person but as my son is suffering terrible twos and frustration with himself sometimes not being able to communicate what he wants someone’s my patients runs a little short. I will be more patient this year!
  3. I aim for my blog to continue to grow and I continue to make new friends through it due to Facebook groups etc. Met so many lovely people I really want to keep it up.
  4. Attend a blogging event or meet up-super out of my comfort zone but If the opportunity arise I am going to push myself to attend.
  5. Grow my relationship with Brands- I worked with so many amazing brands in 2017 in just my short time of 6 Months blogging. I cannot wait to see what 2018 brings.
  6. Hopefully towards the end of the year an extension to our Family- I would love another baby but Parker was a fertility treatment baby so I don’t know if it will be someone that we will be blessed with again be we will see!
  7. Be Healthier- I don’t do diets. As soon as I diet I gain 2 stone no lies! If someone tells me I can’t eat it, I eat it more! I just want to include more water and fruit to make me more energised.
  8. Pamper my self more- since becoming a mum me time has become a lot less and less. Rather than have an hour long bath with body scrubs and Face masks, I opt for a shower and an early night. I need to take more time to pamper as I’m not getting any younger.
  9. To have more time as a couple- we don’t have many nights just the two of us or even time just the two of us. Since Parker was born we have had less time alone then you can count on one hand!
  10. To improve my credit Score- From being young and getting Drawn in with a lot of buy now pay laters my credit score is damaged so I am activity working on improving that this year!

I would love to hear one goal you have for this year!



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