Moving Home on a Budget: How to Reduce the Costs of Relocation

Moving on out

Relocating is one of the most common things that parents do when they want a better future for their children. Whether it’s moving into a better neighbourhood or attempting to find a better school for your kids to study at, there are plenty of reasons to make a move before you decide to start a family.

However, circumstances aren’t always perfect and you may be tasked with a move while the pregnancy is underway or during a financial problem that has severely limited the budget you have. In times like this, it’s important to focus on frugality, but what if you’re due to move soon and you don’t have much money to facilitate it?
While taking out a loan can be one way to help you pay for a home move, we’ve put together a few budget ways to reduce the costs of relocation.

1. Look for cheaper ways to move your belongings
There are plenty of ways to move your belongings on a budget and you might not even have to hire a removals company. Instead, consider services like Shiply to help you get a great price on your removals or transportation, or consider asking a friend or family member to lend you their vehicle for a weekend. The larger the vehicle, the easier and cheaper it will be to move all of your belongings!

2. Declutter and sell things you don’t need before moving

But speaking of belongings, it’s entirely possible to move without needing to hire a vehicle at all. If you’re able to fit all of your items in a suitcase or two, then you can move by just hopping on public transportation or jumping into a taxi. You could even ask for a ride from one of your friends that is willing to drive you over if you don’t have much luggage. In other words, declutter your home before the move and sell anything you don’t need such as extra clothes, furniture or even antiques.

3. Invest in recyclable or inexpensive packing materials
Packing can be incredibly expensive if you’re buying expensive boxes, rolls of tape and other materials. These costs can get pretty high if you’ve got a lot of items to move, so consider a few cost-saving measures. For instance, you can reuse cardboard boxes that you have laying around or ask a friend to see if they have any boxes you can use for the duration of the move. You can substitute things like bubble wrap with towels and socks if you’re moving delicate items, and some boxes don’t even need to be taped up if you’re careful. If you’re moving suitcases, then fill them with items before you close them up and treat them like extra packing space.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some ideas on how you can facilitate your home relocation without breaking your budget or emptying your wallet. As long as you’re willing to think outside of the box or reduce the number of belongings you have, relocating can actually be quite cheap.