Let’s Get Professional : Logo from Logojoy

No logo?

Although ive only be blogging a matter of months I could have never predicted how far I would have come. Through blogging I have been able to work with some great brand and companies.

Make it better

So I thought it’s time to make my blog that little bit better by getting myself a logo which I can brand my posts with as well as promote on Social Media. That’s where LogoJoy comes in.

Logojoy Website

The logo joy website is super simplistic and easy to use. Even me know is not massively techno minded managed to use it. So that being said if I can manage it anyone can.

It uses a super clever system that by answering a few questions generates a perfectly designed logo to your tastes.

I am not just saying this but genuinely the first logo it created was perfect for me so that’s the one I have gone with.

Step by Step

To get started simply enter your company name which you need generating into a logo.

Secondly choose from a vast variety of logo styles. Choose 5 from here and then move onto the next step. I personally love all the girly swirls and elegant styles.

Next choose your colour schemes. I chose girly pink of course but if you would rather not specify a colour pallet, just choose skip this step.

Last choose 5 icon that’s suit your style and business. There are logos to suit every industry and style. Again I chose cute girly and child friendly designs for my Mummy blog.

After the site had gathered all this information about your style it then super cleverly generates a vast catalogue of logo designs for you to choose from.

As I’ve previously mentioned I fell in love with the first design it generated for me. I still scrolled through a lot of the choices but my heart was still set on the first design .

After purchasing your logo of choice you are able to download it in various formats which is super handy depending on what you are using it for.

Over all I am super impressed with Logojoy. Who knew that designing your own logo could be so quick and easy.

Online help was active as soon as I logged in just letting me know that they were there if I needed anything just to pop them a message.

As a bonus you alway can earn yourself reward if people purchase a logo from your referral!

Heres my Link! It gets you and me 20$ off!

I think the value for money againest the service you recieve is as absolute bargain. Where else could you get a logo in such a short space of time without leaving your home or getting slightly stressed? I haven’t found anywhere up to now.

My logo gives my blog work, emails and social media shares a lot more of a professional look. Yes I may be a hobby blogger but that’s doesn’t mean that I can’t look like a professional full timer right?

What do you guys think about my logo?

Does it suit my blogs style and genre?

Don’t forget to go check out Logojoy website and see what professional logo they can create for you today!




*** I received a premium logo package and was compensated for my time but all opinions are my own***

As always here is my last blog post.