Most Played With Toy Of The Week

I’ve decided I need to minimise our toy situation and finally get rid of some of Parker old toys.Especially more babyish ones. As I have to admit i’m a bit of a bloody hoarder, I get it from my dad.

So over the next few months leading up to his Second Birthday ( I know I can’t believe it either)  i’m going to keep and eye on what he is actually playing with, and what he is just shoving out the way to get to other toys.

This Week the go to toy has been the Melissa and Doug Wooden Number Puzzle

Melissa & Doug Self-Correcting Wooden Number Puzzles With Storage Box (40 pcs)

Although this is far to advanced for Parkers 20 months of age he loves holding up the pieces for me to tell them what they are.I don’t know what it is but hes particular fond of the queen pictured piece.

These puzzle pieces are so durable- everyday this week he has tipped them up from a great height to get them out of the box and all over the floor.

Hes not to keen on the box they are in though, but thats probably because he’s sat his soft tush on the not so soft corner one time too many!

I can see these being a stable go to toy for along time until he can say all the words and connect all the pieces they are self correcting so they only fit into the correct piece they have been cut out from.

They have bright colours and mine personally haven’t had any adverse effects from multiple wipes down with anti bacterial wipes, after Parker’s peed on them numerous times when I’ve had my back turned during no happy on time on……Little monkey!

My overall View

I would rate this toy a 9/10 because no ones perfect right?! Well apart from me haha.

I would also say this toy is suitable from 18 Months to 4 Years in my opinion.

Let me know what your toy of the week is.