What I Couldn’t Live Without Being A First Time Mum #1

As a first time mum I found myself buying everything and anything as I genuinely thought I would need it all for the arrival of my first baby.

How wrong was I! Some things I didn’t need at all and was a complete waste of moolar and other things I realise I needed and didn’t have so spend time out shopping rather then bonding in the first week.

So here’s my guide where every week I will discuss to a few items I couldn’t live without and what I genuinely think all parents will benefit from.

Firstly for Sleeping- I had the classic Moses basket which i used downstairs in the day but I wanted to be prepared to have as much sleep as possible with a newborn as I don’t function too well when tired.

So we invested in a Next2Me Crib- and it is an investiment as they arent cheap but by golly they are sooooo worth it.

This is a crib which attaches to the side of your bed so you have easy no fuss access to you baby to feed or comfort during the night. It has a side if you want to put it up with a see through net for you to observe baby.

I truely believe this got Parker in to the awesome sleeping pattern from a young age because he was so relaxed to be so close to me without being in my bed.

                                  Click link to view or purchase Chicco Next2me Side Sleeping Crib – Dove Grey

Next up for when Parker got a bit older and started to want to sit up and explore me we got the Bright Starts Bouncer.

This has provided many hours of entertainment for Parker growing up and even now its in his bedroom for his teddies, well at least until I maybe have a number 2 but don’t tell daddy haha.

He loved the vibrate action when chilling watching tele and bashing the toys about.

Really sturdy Seat would highly recommend


And last for this week is the Bright Starts Play Mat- Can you tell i like this brand! Its super bright eye catching, affordable and great quality that’s why.

The play mat is what we chose on when Parker started to get more adventurous with wanting to move around and explore and was more comfortable being flat on his back.

The bright colours really stimulated him and again he loved batting the toys and elephant in the middle which sung a tune.

This mat is still being used today minus the bridges over the top and a picnic dinner mat for the living room as it washes up so well, why not!

Bright Starts Jammin Jungle Activity Gym
Hope you found my first addition of this useful I honestly couldn’t live without these when Parker was younger and i think you will feel the same if you try them.

Let me know 3 things you couldn’t Live without when you had a newborn.




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