20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

So with me being fairly new to all this and I’m enjoying getting to know you all I though I should let you all get to know me some more!

So here’s 20 things you definitely didn’t know about me and more than likely a lot of people I already know don’t know about me.


I have OCD but not in the regular form or extremes, I am obsessed with checking that doors are locked multiple times day and night and my neighbours witness me driving around the block and checking my door 3 times in a morning before leaving work bet they think the crazy sods at it again.


They say you never forget how to ride a bike…. well I did! When hopping back on one at age 25 I could not co-ordinate steering and peddling at the same time!

Thankfully I got I it back after lots of practice-   Check out Bike Discounts UK


I was the last person out of my group of friends to have a child, but my partner was the first person in his group of friends to have a child and there is only 18 months difference between us. Yes im a little bit older so I have a toy boy!


We were receiving fertility treatment to help conceive our little boy for 5 years without anyone but us knowing- more about that in a later blog if your interested. Ill try not to make it too depressing.


I used to drink 3 bottles of wine single handed before I was a mum, now i barely touch the stuff knowing I have to get my fat arse out of bed in a morning


My dad taught me to drive after my driving instructor chucked me off her lessons for pulling the handbrake up incorrectly- who knew there was a right and wrong way!


My hobbies are sewing, baking, knitting, crafting -but i’m quite shit at them all.


I worked in the adult entertainment industry for 9 years- No I wasn’t a porn star i worked in a adult toy and movie store but not Ann Summers, much more hardcore filth than that.


I once thought I had a lump on my breast age 14, I went to the doctors to discover its was an apple pip I had rolled onto 6 months previous while sunbathing on a beach in Cornwall it had got stuck- How lucky am I that I didn’t sprout and apple tree.


My friends think I’m the class idiot as I will do almost anything for a laugh


My son was nameless for 3 days because decision making isn’t a quick process.


My claim to fame is when my mum was recording me on children in need when I was in the audience and the camera swung around to me and I was picking me nose- she was not impressed considering she had friends around watching her precious princess.


I died my hair bleach blonde when 14 but didn’t have enough hair dye so I had a big black skunk stripe through the middle of my head so I wore it up everyday until it could be dyed back.


I love horror films even though I watch through parted fingers


After fertility treatment I grew hair on my chin and lost it on my head- Yes that’s right I looked like a bearded bald lady, so Attractive.


I collect pigs- maybe because I eat like one!

Big Momma know


Afternoon tea is my favourite lunch- why? Refer to answer 16.


I love my bed- so I’m lazy as well as eat like a pig. Well not so lazy now I have a child


My dream is to work from home so I can end maximum time with my family –  they would prob hate this as say I’m annoying enough already


I have the pottiest mouth I know and need to change my ways before Parker learns to talk properly – Fuck Sake!

If your still here well done you! I had a lot of fun thinking back while writing this and would love to read yours.

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T xx