Gousto Box : Review

For a long time i’ve seen adverts about and heard people talking about Food boxes you get to you door ready prepared and portioned out ready to just whip up in to a delicious frenzy. So I got the opportunity to try  Gousto box and thought what have I got to lose. I love food so why not.

Well bugger me i’m so pleased I did! I tried food I wouldn’t normally try because I didn’t want to buy ingredients like herbs and spices in big quantities if I wasn’t going to use them again.


When it arrived typically I was at work and it got left with a neighbour- well when I finished work they were then at work so by the time I got my box it was 9pm. I was massively surprised to see that my food was still fresh and cold because the ice blocks they pack in the box where still frozen.

 It was like Christmas getting the box open as I didn’t know what to expect. The meat and fruit and veg were kept divided to stop contamination and the herbs and sauces all portioned up into little pots.

The box even comes with recipe cards that you can put in a ring binder to use time after time.

The meals I chose for my box were

American Pulled Chicken with sweet potato fried and creamed corn.

Posh open burgers with rosemary wedges and home made tomato sauce and basil oil.

The instructions where super easy to follow and the food was ready in 20 minutes which is perfect for me as by the time I finish work and collect Parker we are all ravenous.

Let me tell you the meals where divine, that divine that I forgot to photograph the burger meals oops.

The value for money is also fab as this box for 2 meals for 2 people…. but there is 3 of us and ample food, so if there is 2 of you the portions are very generous.

If you like the idea of Gourmet style food and new recipes to try why not get yourself a Gousto box with a £25 discount.

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By purchasing through this link you will get a £25 discount and I will get a referral bonus. Making it only around £5 for 2 meals for 2 people for you!! Bargain!

And even better- if your a creator whether it be Blog, Insta, Twitter you could get a box to review too.

Just email me for more info.


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