5 Ideas To Make More Eco Friendly Fashion Choices

Looking to revamp your wardrobe for 2021? Want to make eco-friendly choices along the way? The fashion industry doesn’t always make it easy for buyers to go green, however, things are gradually improving. The more that buyers support sustainable brands and practices, the more that the demand for sustainable fashion will rise. To help you start making eco-friendly fashion choices, start with these five ideas.

1 . Say hello to preloved apps

Rule number one, if you want to make eco-friendly fashion choices you simply must jump on board with preloved apps. There are lots of apps that sell second-hand clothing at affordable prices, from designer to vintage or high street. To make a start, try using Vinted, Drest, Poshmark, or Depop. Vintage lovers might also like to check out Etsy Marketplace, there are plenty of gems to be found here. You’ll save yourself money and find plenty of unique items to spice up your wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for lounge wear trends or glamorous dresses, there are plenty of deals to be snapped up.

2. Learn how to stitch and fix

Teach yourself how to sew and fix clothing items, this way when your favourite garments get a hole or tear, you can stitch them up good as new! To support your sewing progress, try using platforms such as ‘My Sewing Kit’, ‘Cora’, or ‘Sewing Pattern Buddy’. Here you’ll learn plenty of tips and tricks whether you’re making quick fixes or designing items from scratch. With a little bit of practice, you’ll soon become a sewing pro!

3. Wave goodbye to fast fashion

Fast fashion is a huge no-no if you want to be eco-friendly. Fast fashion refers to low quality and inexpensive fashion garments, which will need to be replaced or thrown away within a short duration of time. Instead of fast-fashion purchases, go for higher quality and slightly more expensive items. Whether it’s your coats or your accessories, going for quality is the easiest way to remain eco-friendly and create less waste. For your accessories, Thomas Sabo Earrings are a great high-quality purchase.

4. Donate your old clothes & accessories

Making green fashion choices isn’t just about the looks you create, it’s about your old fashion garments, and how you dispose of them. Letting your old clothes collect dust in your wardrobe isn’t very eco-friendly! The best thing to do is to donate your old items to charity stores or sell them using second-hand apps. When you create less waste you’ll get into a habit of making more mindful purchases over time. Try to think carefully about the items you buy, as opposed to rushed decisions.

5. Ditch non sustainable materials

When you’re shopping for clothing, think about the materials you are purchasing, ditch those brands that use non sustainable materials, in favour of green options. Some of the best eco friendly fabrics include organic cotton, organic wool, soy cashmere, recycled cashmere, and hemp. Not only are these fabrics green, but they are also durable and stylish.


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