Difference Doesn’t Define You

Have you ever been guilty of looking at someone and noticing their differences to you instead of similarity’s.

I’m ashamed to admit I was massively guilty of this until I had children. One day a few years ago a man with a noticeable facial disfigurement was stood behind me and my son in Primark.

He turned around to look for his Grandma who was also in the Queue and caught a glimpse of the gent stood behind him and immediately started screaming argh mummy a monster.

Left Red Faced

Needless to say I was absolutely mortified and didn’t know what to do so I grabbed my son and instructed him to not be rude and say sorry and turn around. It’s then I felt a failure of not teaching my son more about differences in people and that everyone is the same on the inside but everyone’s outer shell is different.

The Day Our World Changed

In our immediate family we were all fortunate enough to not have any major health concerns, disabilities or disfigurements. That was until a few years ago. One Christmas my brother started seizuring out of the blue – it was something he had never experienced.

It was so frightening, he was foaming at the mouth, his eyes rolling back is his head and his body moving involuntary in spasms.

Fast forward a few months after investigations, surgery’s, medications and rehabilitations my brother no longer had control over his body. He was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disease a disorder where the control of the body is interrupted between the brain and the limb or muscle.

Back in the Day

Before this event he was a happily married man with children, property and his own business. Unfortunately the pressures of life and trying to get better lead to a breakdown in his marriage leaving him now single and disabled.

After a couple of years of coming to terms with and learning to manage his nee arisen disabilities he wanted to find love again. A companion to spend his time with and make memories, but he wasn’t sure where to look for disabled singles dating site or venues.

What He Looked For In A Site

This was all new to him but there were some factors he laid out that he would be looking for in a site he was going to use

  • A site that’s easy to navigate due to the brain issues
  • A free Disability dating site
  • Ability to find locals who are like minded
  • He enjoys reading reviews or feedback/success stories.
  • Easy to load profile and specifications:

I’m happy to update that since finding sites like the above 8 years on he is in a new long term relationship with a lady that he was totally open about to on a dating site and he didn’t withhold any part of his disability and he accepted him with open arms. Don’t get me wrong he has his down days but having a companion makes the good days worth waiting for.

Do you know anyone disabled who is trying to find love?


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