Lounging Around During 2020

Has anyone else spent the majority of this year in lounge wear doing not a lot of anything because let’s be honest what has there been to do?

I’ll be honest the start of the year started with us bearing getting out of pjs but I blame that on being heavily pregnant and the world being tipped on its head.

After a while we got out heads into gear and starting wearing a lot of lounge and chill wear, mainly because we started walking a lot and pjs aren’t acceptable outdoor attire haha.

We found ourselves reaching for T-shirt’s a lot over the year from summer through to winter, we love a good Tee especially a slogan or cute pic tee.

What ever the weather

Often my mum who is 70 would be mortified seeing us in T-shirts if it wasn’t a red hot day but here are some reasons we love T-shirt’s as a family.

  • My children are super active and always running about on the go getting hot- T-shirt’s keep them cool
  • I have a hormone disorder that makes me feel like I have menopause symptoms one of which being server hot sweats, again T-shirt’s keep me cool.
  • My husband is a very muscular man with large arm muscles, he finds most jumpers a poor fit due to this he chose to wear T-shirt’s.
  • You can layer T-shirt’s up with hoodies, jumpers, cardigans and take off when too warm. This is something I like to do.
  • I love that shirts don’t take forever and a day to dry when you have a bucket load of laundry to do for a family of 4.
  • The quirky designs make me smile, I have loads of slogan tees that are great for making me and others smile when they read them.
  • People may think it’s sad but I love matching with my family, we have some amazing personalised tees that either coordinate or match. This time of year finds us matching more then usual and we love it.

What is your favourite item of clothing to wear been during 2020. Have you been a pj addict, office wear hero or a uniformed superstar?

Work Wear No More

I return to work in just a few days and I’m so excited that office wear has been abolished and I can wear T-shirt’s til my hearts content, no more office wear for me. So that being said I’m gonna sign off and go T-shirt’s shopping.


T xxx