How Dating During Covid Can Save You Cash

All the singleton have had there dates halted in 2020 when Covid 19 reared its ugly head and Boris called that we all needed to stay home!

Even me being married it’s put a total hold on my socials life meaning that my play money had remained my play money. There have been no last minute purchases for a night out outfit, that sparkly clutch bag that I don’t need or the £40 lash extensions that complete the look.

10 Reason I think Daters have Saved Money In 2020

  • No date night prep- whether it be an intimate wax, the latest bad gal lashes or a hair and beard cut. No dates means no need to pay for expensive grooming sessions. If you anything life the boys in my family the Corona cut has been a look for 2020 and not a good one at that.
  • Money saved on first date gifts- if your a true romantic surely you turn up to a date with flowers or chocolates or maybe even both. Well while you cannot meet strangers outside of your bubble either save money on the gifts or better still keep them for yourself. I have been enjoying the wine and chocs far too regularly during lockdown. It’s the little things in life hahaha.
  • How about saving money in the long run by using a paid local dating site. If your intentions are to not have a long distance relationship or have to move to be with a partner, local dates are the one for you. This for me is a time is precious saving. The time saved from wasted chat with people who would never be compatible due to location is super valuable. If you are looking for Staffordshire dating sites I recommend Staffordshire Singles .
  • The actual date- there is always a awkwardness around who pays on dates is it the invitee, is it 50/50 spilt on the entire bill or is it pay for yourself. I for one know this was the worst part of dating for me. With online dating this stigmas is out the window. Buy your own wine and snacks for home lol.
  • Travel Expenses– if you were to be open to dating anywhere in the UK you could be spending a small fortune on travel expenses like petrol, parking, bridge tolls and if your lucky maybe even hotel rooms wink wink. With the restrictions in place none of this is possible and I predict it possibly won’t be able to happen in early 2021 due to restrictions and finances due to furlough or redundancies.
  • Internet usage- when dating online you often do it where ever you are at the time and if you don’t have unlimited data may find ourself buying addons. These times we are in find us at home a lot more therefore using WiFi continuously at no extra cost.

If you have been single during 2020 what have you done to occupy your self or keep meeting new people? Are you looking forward to getting back face to face meetings or is online the way forward?


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