Top 3 Considerations When Buying Patio Doors

Adding patio doors to your home will help you open up your living space and venture out into the garden. Even if you don’t have a patio, you can technically still have patio doors. The exact placement depends on your home’s layout, but they’ll likely be in whatever room is at the back of your home overlooking the garden. 

As you begin your search for patio doors, you soon realise there are countless varieties to explore. Suddenly, finding the right door for your patio is no easy feat! So, here are the top three things to look for when making your purchase:

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Door style

There are two things on this list that kind of merge together as one. For the door style, we’re mainly talking about how it visually looks. What this means is that it could look like a normal door, or it could be a giant window. The style you choose will be determined by your overall home’s style as well. If you have a traditional home, consider more traditional patio door styles. Large floor-to-ceiling doors are beautiful if you want more natural light and love the modern effect. 

Door opening mechanism

This is the second point that merges in with the first. The doors visual style is one thing, but its functional style is another. Think about how the door opens – does it swing, slide, or any other option? These days, bifold doors are extremely popular as they provide a unique opening mechanism. You can learn more about them online, but the main gist is that they sort of slide and fold at the same time. The door opening mechanism is more important than you think, and for one main reason: space. 

If you have doors that swing open, you remove a lot of space from your interior. If they swing out, then you also eat into your garden/patio/deck space. This is why sliding or folding doors are popular; they help you save space as well as look cool. 

Energy efficiency

It sounds boring, but you always need to worry about energy efficiency when buying doors and windows. Seeing as a patio door is basically a giant combination of a door and window, the energy efficiency takes on even more importance. Think about it, you’ve created a significant hole in your home to install these doors. So, if they aren’t efficient, lots of heat can be lost through them. Always check the energy rating of any products you buy, ensuring you get one that keeps your home as eco-friendly as can be. It is worth spending more money on a more efficient patio door as this can help you save money in the future. 

Arm yourself with these three points when you are shopping for patio doors. Think about the visual style and how they open/close, then consider the energy efficiency. This is an easy way to quickly look at some options and cast them aside right away. Hopefully, the points here will help you make a better purchasing decision for your property.


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