What Should You Do With All Your Useless Decor?

You love to style your home as you’re into interior design. You love to buy new things to keep your home up to date, looking modern and contemporary. However, you turned around one day and found that your home is looking kind of full. It’s getting rather packed up with decor pieces and you don’t know what to do with them. It’s hard to let go of things that you once liked and thought brought character to your home. However, you have to go back to basics and agree that sometimes, less is more. Here are some ways to clear out your home without destroying the unique styles you have made in it.

Choose a style

It comes down to just picking one style and selecting the items from it, to keep. However, this doesn’t mean you have to choose one style for the entire home. Every room is different. So you should consider picking one style per room and selecting the items from those styles to stay. 

You can also consider the materials you have. Sometimes items of the same interior design may not gel well. For example, a wooden coffee table in a modern chic design, might not go well with a chic side table. There will be just too many straight lines that make the whole room look blocky. A curvier lamp or perhaps a more artistic coffee table made from the same materials might go better together. It’s all about an elimination process of your decor but how you choose the criteria for this is up to you.

Switching styles?

Sometimes you just want what you want, and making compromises is just not part of the process. However, this is not far-fetched as you can just use self storage manufacturers who can allow you to store your items long-term. So you can put a sofa, table, or drawer unit in the storage space for 6 months and then when you feel like restyling again, take them out and put the other items in. 

You may also find that renting your decor is more to your liking. So rather than settling on one type of sofa, you can have 2 or 3 different sofa types per year. The same can be done for your dining table, area rugs or kitchen cabinets.

Give/sell it away

You can opt to sell your items away to a used decor store. As long as the items are in good condition, they are clean and they are relevant in style, you can fetch a pretty good price for them. You may also find that you can give away your useless decor items to a friend, family member, or perhaps to a recycling company. It takes the issue off your hands even though you may not get it for a price.

Sometimes we just need to slow down on the purchasing, re-evaluate our interior design style and select only the most important items, to avoid a decor traffic jam. These are some ways you can begin to clear out your home.


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