The Best Place To Put Your Screen In A Home Office Setup

Working from home is ten times easier when you have the right setup. This should include a nice desk and a comfortable chair from somewhere like, plus an external keyboard and, of course, a screen. Having all of these things is important, but you also need to know where and how to place them. More accurately, how should you set up your home office?

Strangely, the whole office hinges on your placement of one item; the screen. This is the thing you’ll be staring at for hours a day, so you need to find the right place to put it. Let’s go through a few ideas and considerations to help you find the ideal spot…

Close to a wall

You want to put your screen on your desk and have it as close to the wall as possible. Ideally, the back of your computer screen will almost touch the wall itself. Why is this important? Well, it’s more of a safety thing. If there’s a wall behind your screen, it can’t topple backwards and smash on the floor. Some people will sit at a desk with no wall behind the screen, and you can easily stand up and knock the desk, sending the screen flying. Here, the worst-case scenario is that your screen knocks lightly against the wall, so no damage is done. 

Near a window, but away from direct sunlight

Putting your screen near a window is a good idea as you will be close to natural light and fresh air. It can also stop you from feeling like you’re couped up in a prison. However, try to avoid putting the screen in the way of direct sunlight. Simply put, the glare from your screen will make it really hard to see anything if the sun is pointing right at it. Yes, you can use mirrored window films to counter this, but it can still be extremely annoying. Instead, it’s smarter to place your screen so there’s a window close by, but no sun shines directly on it. 

At eye level

With the previous two points taken care of, you’ll have a setup that’s almost ready to use. Your desk and screen are in place, but whereabouts on the desk is the screen? Realistically, it needs to be at eye level, meaning you can look at the screen without needing to bend your neck or hunch over. This is crucial for your posture, and it will make working from home so much easier. If the screen is too low down, you should buy things to prop it up. There are plenty of little desk shelves or screen raisers you can buy online to do just that. With your screen at the right level, you can sit with a tall and straight spine, reducing the chances of postural issues. 

Put all three of these things together to create the ultimate home office setup! For inspiration and ideas on items you. By focusing on where to put your screen, you inadvertently work out how to organise the rest of the setup. Now, you’re ready to start working and be as productive as can be.


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